I've been playing since Legends of the Blue-Eyes WHite Dragon when it hit America. The last set I remember clearly was Magicians' Force. I know there were sets after that, but I don't remember them or their themes, I need help with the newer stuff after Magicians Force since I quit collecting and keeping updated wise around then, this is waht I remember...

Dark Beginnings: Reprint Set 1
Dark Beginnings 2: Reprint Set 2
Invasion of Choas: Simply the most broken set, the introduction of Chaos Creatures.
Labyrinth of Nightmares: Destiny Board, NIghtmare Theme
Legacy of Darkness: Fiends/Warriors
Legends of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon: No-theme, structure: Staples & Exodia
Magic Rulers: Rituals, Fusions
Magicians' Force: Spellcasters/Dark Magican
Metal Raiders: More staples
Phaorohs' Servent: Beatdown, Staples

NO freaking idea sets:
Ancient Sanctuary
Cyberdark Impact
Cybernetic Revolution
Dark Crisis
Dark Revolution
Elemental Energy
Enemy of Justice
Gladiators Assault
Next Generation
Pharohnic Guardian
Power of the Duelist
Rise of Destiny
Shadow of Infity
Soul of the Duelist
Strike of Neos
Tactical Evolution
The Lost Millenium

As one can see, I'm very far out of the loop. I still keep up with the Current Rulings Document and the Banned/Restriction List. I'm trying to get caught back up, I'm not going to get into the game again, except the two decks I have which are an Exodia deck and an Dark Magician Girt deck.