The twins Yori and Iku were very close to each other during childhood as Yori smiled and stated to his parents "I love Iku, I'm going to marry Iku when I'm older". However in recent time, now both being teenagers, Yori has started to stay away from her. She thinks her brother hates her but his distance results in his feelings towards her which are stronger than simple sibling feelings. This causes him sleepless nights since they both share the same bedroom. He tries several things to erase his feelings which includes applying to attend a boarding school in another city and even going out and sleeping with Iku's best friend, Tomoka. However when Iku starts to get interested in boys, Yori becomes overly jealous and now wants his sister more than anything else. So he confesses to Iku wanting them to stay together and is willing to do everything to stay together. However Yori wants Iku as a lover not as a loyal sister and as he presses on she begins to gain feelings for him as well... but nothing ever goes as planned.

Do you agree that Yori and Iku should love with each other despite of being siblings? Should they continue their relationship? Do you agree that Yori and Iku should follow what they feel for each other? Or should they find others to love ever if it's hard for them?