We're going to be holding weekly photo contests, every Sunday, with a prize of 4000 rupees to the winner, along with the satisfaction of knowing you took a good picture.

Rules are as follows:

We will announce each theme a week in advance, and you will have until Sunday midnight, to find/take the photo, and post it in the weekly contest thread. The mods will post a theme photo also, but we aren't eligible to win ^_^

On Monday, the contest thread will be closed, and we will post both a voting thread, and a thread for the next weeks contest. We will also set up a subforum for archiving the contests. The voting will run for a week, when the winner will be announced.

The rules are as follows:

Your submission must be:
  • Taken with a digital camera that records EXIF, and EXIF should be left in the submission
  • Attached to your post.
  • Taken and post-processed by you.
  • Created from a single capture, unless the contest specifies otherwise
You may:

  • Use any feature of your camera, EXCEPT to combine multiple images into one
  • Crop, rotate, resize your entry
  • Use filters or stand alone utilities designed to preserve image integrity (Neat Image, Noise Ninja, Unsharp Mask, dust & scratch and color correction tools) These filters must be applied uniformly to the entire image. No effect filters may be used past Noise and Gaussian Blur.
  • Saturate / desaturate or change the colors of your entry, but only as applied to the whole image
  • Add a border to the outside edge of your image, if it's easily visible as such
  • Use RAW conversion software, so long as all changes are made globally
You may NOT:
  • Spot edit the entry, except to remove sensor dust or hot pixels
  • Submit the same image in two consecutive contests
  • Submit any image that previously won or an image that was picked for voting less then 5 weeks ago
  • Submit more than one image per contest
  • Make any edits to a selection of the image
  • Add objects or features (such as text, lens flare, clip art, renders, parts from other photos) to the image
  • Remove objects or features other then sensor dust/hot pixels
  • Distort or stretch the image in any way
  • Submit a photo containing anything that goes against the general rules of the site (nudity, etc)