Naruto: I'm hyper and i will protect my friends. I can be really dumb. I love ramen and i'm always determin and i talk really loud.
Sasuke: Even though i hate him so much were alike because we can sometimes think the same. I can be qiute.
Sakura: I can think i'm the best but i know i nedd to improve a lot. And we can be obses but me i'm obsses with itachi,sasori,deidara and hidan.
Shikamaru: We are lazy and smart. I can be to lazy yo move or pick something up, and we sleep alot.
Chouji: well i'm always left out.
Hinata: We want to get stronger and i'm really shy. And we use to have really low self esstem.
Kiba: i love dogs and i 'm hyper well like naruto same thing.
Tenten: We are tomboys. We think that girls can be as strong as boys and we can do a lot of weapons.
Tobi: Same thing as Naruto!
Deidara: I can be hyper but i know when to stop and i love to make stuff out of clay and like when he fights with sasori alot i fight with my brother.
Sasori: We can be sad but we can hide it. And we have alot of artist ideas.