Is this a good deck? yes i know some of the cards are not legal to use but this is simply for fun


3x cyber dragon.
3x blue eyes white dragon
1x blue eyes shining dragon
1x red eyes black chick
1x red eyes black dragon
1x red eyes darkness dragon
1x dragon piper
1x cyber stein

Fusion monsters:
blue eyes ultimate dragon
cyber end dragon
cyber twin dragon

Magic cards:

1x monster reborn
1x premature burial
2x fusion gate
3x polymerization
1x graceful charity
1x pot of greed
1x mountain
1x raigeki
1x dark hole
1x harpie's feather duster
1x heavy storm
1x power bond
1x future fusion
1x dragon treasure
1x swords of revealing light


1x call of the haunted
1x jar of greed
1x magic cylinder
1x mirror force
2x waboku
2x negate attack
1x solemn wishes

Yes i know there are more than 40 cards most of which are not allowed to be used in areal duel this is simply for fun, let me know what you think also please post you're ideal deck like mine