Ok, here is the deal. I have seen many folks asking about anime they have seen, and if anyone knows the title. I have been searching for a specific anime for a while. I know it is post apocalyptic. Here are the details

opening scene: young man throwing a raw egg in the air and cutting it twice with a sword then eating the yolk as it falls.

plot: world where a great war has already occurred and everything is jacked. There is a legend of a great hero and his cyborg/robot companion. this is not a giant mecha series. The main character finds a broken down rusted robot that he repairs(or it gets repaired somehow) the robot becomes the boys companion. later we find out that the robot is the legendary hero's robot companion. the boys weapon is a sword that connects to an energy pack via power cable. The sword, when activated, has an energy beam that surrounds the blade. Along with the abilities of the robot; the boy is uber powerful and can proceed to fight evil.

I don't remember much more than that only that this was the beginning of a mini series possibly OVA and that I rented the VHS from BlockBuster in the mid 90's. this was no 70's anime but the animation is very similar to maybe Naussica and/or record of the Lodoss war.

PLEASE anyone who can deduce anything from this description please drop some names for me to investigate.

P.S. to all of you searching for your anime Good luck!!