Any fans of these series? I'm a big fan of Mai HiME. Who's your favorite character(s) and/or HiME Childs, episode(s) and why?

My favorite character(s)

»Natsuki Kuga ~ I like how she has a sense of independence and her fierce loyalty. She doesn't take any crap from anyone. She's very determined to get things done and I admire that in a character. I love her HiME Child, Duran.. because it's a wolf. :3

»Mai Tokiha ~ Despite the fact she can be an airhead at certain moments, she's still a strong person. Always putting a smile on her face no matter how bad the problems get for her and she works so hard to give her younger brother a good life and a donor transplant for him. Even though she's incapable of living for herself only and doing what she wants, she still fights back anyway. I can relate to her in that way.. always getting back up and fighting back without giving up.

Favorite Episode(s)

-Episode 4 was HILARIOUS. Poor Natsuki... I feel bad for her that her 'stalker' had actually seen her goods. XD

There's a lot of other episodes I like, and I'm not gonna list 'em all.