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Thread: Sign-up: Puppetry

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    Default Sign-up: Puppetry

    Approved by Maid Mia



    End of the World

    There was a point in time where the world operated under the rule of steam-based technology. No one is entirely sure what system of government this society used, what it's people looked like, or how their diplomatic relations with other parts of the world were. The most archeologists know is that their world was one that ran off of steam. Also, there was one steam-based city was clearly mightier than all of the others. This city is where the most advanced steam-tech was found. But that hardly matters. Mostly because the remains of all of the most advanced steam-tech cities were found at the bottom of giant craters. It is possible that these large cities declared war on the smaller cities, crushing them quickly. After, the largest cities attempted to destroy each other, developing immense super-weapons and annihilating each other. Although this is fully possible, nay probable, no one can be sure of what exactly happened. Whatever this society was, their world ended.

    Frontier Lands

    All of the previous actions took place on a large continent at the center of the world. This central continent, later called Arotl, was surrounded by eight smaller nations composed of several islands. These lands in the frontier, although much less advanced in terms of technology, were safe from the destruction of Arotl. Why the people of Arotl never extended their reach to these other nations, no one is sure. But their lack of technology saved their lives.

    Several thousand years ago, the people of the island nations noticed an immense pillar of light emerge from somewhere far off. Many adventurous sailors left for the source of the light and discovered Arotl. They found the remains of steam motors and vehicles that could run on land. Soon word reached every nation of the known world and archeologists and treasure swarmed the continent, taking everything they could get their hands on. The only problem was, nothing worked. The items that they found were broken beyond repair, not those that found them had the ability to repair them. Not only that, but the machines were made from a mineral that could not be found within any of the island nations. Any mines on Arotl that had any traces of the mineral were mined dry. Understanding the futility of their search, the nations fell into despair.

    Hope That is Hidden

    It started in the east-most island nation. A group of people, artisans among them, began a new sport. They began designing stringed puppets. The marionettes were designed using three hollow metal rings to be places around each finger. Several metal strings are attached to each ring and by performing the correct hand gestures the one controlling the puppet could cause the strings to reel in or unwind. These puppets were designed as weapons to be used against others, or proxies in a fight where neither opponent could effectively fight. Very shortly after this sport was established, the latter became much more preferable to the former. A technique known as kukri became adaptable to puppets, causing parts of the marionette’s body to spin around quickly. Kukri was soon a staple in this sport. A set of rules was used for each match and these puppet duels became extremely popular among the underground associations of the eastern island nations.

    It wasn't long before puppeteers from these battles spread the word to other nations, instructing artisans in the making of marionettes. Within twenty years of its creation, marionette duels became the largest underground phenomenon in all of the world. It seemed almost inevitable that someone with the ability to inform the public would find out about it, and when they did the private fights stopped being so private. In fact, it became better. Private fights that people used to bet on became public fights that could be profitable.

    The Marionette Industry

    The world was more than happy to accept the art of puppetmastery into their lives. Bored and depressed with the loss of the technology of Arotl, the people needed any excuse that they could find to be happy. The popularity of the sport exploded throughout the world. Tournaments were held in every nation, duels became governed by law officials and gambling matches became common. People, always looking for a way to be superior or a hero to look up even went so far as to demand a tournament to decide the best. They wanted it to occur in the location that it began.

    On new year's day of the next year, an immense festival was held on the largest island of the eastern islands nation. Puppetmasters from all over the world flocked to the festivities in hopes of being known as the greatest. The winner's name scarcely matters, but her marionette became the envy of the entire world. Its name, almost in the name of symbolism, was Reviver. The woman's name was forgotten within five years. She was only known by the name of her puppet. But known nonetheless. Reviver was known as the woman who brought the world back to life. Everyone recognized how good they felt to see her puppet strike the finishing blow against her opponent's, that touch of euphoria at seeing "something great." It was the reason that they came back each year.

    Marionette dueling became more than just a sport, it was a source of power and life for people. Puppetmasters were honored no matter where they went. But early on, many of them were killed by competitors and brigands. Puppetmasters began traveling with bodyguards, sometimes just one and sometimes with entire caravans. The bodyguards, although not seen as being as great as the puppetmasters themselves, were honored as guarding some of the most important people in the public world.

    Thirty tournaments have occurred since Reviver won the first. Four names were known, the four who worked as the bodyguards of Reviver. Dominic, a golem summoner whose creations stood in front of every brigand who went near his charge. Mishi, whose magic crushed bones and reduced weapons to dust. Aurora, a gunner whose sharp eyes could detect any adversary before they knew she existed. Alistair, a blacksmith, alchemist and doctor who aided Reviver in maintenance and physical health whenever she or her marionette were injured. These five brought happiness to the world and would never be forgotten.

    Nations of the World

    Arotl: The central continent. No human life is left there. Only broken machines, dead wastelands and surprisingly untouched forests. It is a land of mystery and a land of death. Arotl is listed for completion purposes and is unplayable.

    Aira: The island nation furthest to the north. It is a cold place, covered in snow and ice. Their people have pale skin, white hair an almost always blue eyes. Their culture implies that family is everything. Family extends beyond blood relatives. Family implies your entire community, town or village. The capital city is Sia. A tournament occurs there one every four months to determine the best puppetmaster of each island. Their main export is meat.

    Istraken: The land to the west of Arotl. It is surrounded by mountains completely save for a small pass guarded by a large gate near the port town. Within the ring of mountains is an island nation covered in plains. The people there come in all colors and heights, but there is a pattern. Among the nine islands of Istraken, the outer four generally have more dark-skinned people, the inner four have more light-skinned people and the central island, the capitol known as Vocus, houses both light and dark people. Their puppetry tournament occurs once every six months. The system of government uses an advisor on each island who may or may take advice or orders from the leader of Vocus. Istraken is best known for being the only nation to house Undine, an all-female race of water spirits who resemble mermaids. For playing Undine characters, please look at description of the nation of Radia.

    Rende (Pronounced Rend-A) The land in the south of Arotl. A group of desert islands heavily steeped in religion. They see what few rainstorms that they have as gifts from the water goddess. Due to the climate, the majority of the people are either tan or dark-skinned. They operate under a theocracy. Large tournaments occur very often, sometimes only a few weeks between. Though the largest tournaments come around four times a year. Rende has no capitol, each town operates on its own.

    Kazemei: The easternmost nation of the world. The islands are generally warm in climate and they do not have a winter. On the first day of the new year, a massive festival is held at the capitol, Furumaki, including a puppetmaster tournament. The one who leads Furumaki leads the entirety of Kazemei.

    The Wilds: Southwest of Arotl is a small continent entirely composed of forest. Its people are known as Half-Beasts. This title is not literal. This title is not literal. The people move more swiftly than normal humans and fight more like animals than like humans. Experts in unarmed combat the use of improvised weapons, the half-beasts are often hired as guardians for puppetmasters. Their system of government is the same as the one used in nature: natural selection.

    Coronia: A nation comprised of two large islands. Coronia rests northwest of Arotl. Each of the two islands is controlled by a different force. The nation has been embroiled in civil war between the two islands for several years. The entirety of the nation is a magocracy, a system of government where the most powerful sorcerer rules the entire nation. Either island has a strong magic force controlling it and both want control over the entire nation. The island to the north is controlled by a necromancer and the island to the south a sorcerer wielding holy-element magic. It is unlikely that the war will end until one of the forces is completely destroyed.

    Iroka: The nation to the southeast of Arotl has the most exports in the entire world. They are a nation of fisherman and mariners. Because of this they trade with every nation of the world. They are known for having the second largest puppetry tournaments in the world. They operate under a monarchy.

    Radia: If this nation ever trades with others, no one is aware of it. If you wish to be from here please PM me along with an example of a forum RP post from you and I may send you the information of this area.

    Character Profiles

    Like my campaign history? Good. Here's what you need to know to make character profiles. You may make as many as three profiles: one for your character, one for your character's marionette and another if your character uses two marionettes.

    Possible Character Jobs

    Puppetmaster: They are exactly what they sound like. A puppetmaster is one who has trained for several years specifically in the proper finger and arm movements required to operate a marionette. Their training usually begins at a young age, generally between ten and thirteen, and a puppetmaster to-be must learn, in addition to the operation, the proper maintanence techniques of a puppet. Because of their training that focuses specifically on the use of the fingers, the rest of their bodies are often quite frail. Their tournaments are seen as the world’s greatest source of entertainment. They rarely travel alone. Puppetmaster may not be mixed with any other class.
    Guardian: They are either hired by puppetmasters or choose to travel with them. Guardians come in several different styles.
    ***-Fighter: The name says it all. I didn’t want to say Warrior because any D&D players will know that Warrior is the worst class ever. Fighters are physical attackers who generally specialize in one category of combat (swords, axes, lances, unarmed, improvised, etc.) A fighter is generally someone in good shape.
    ***-Sorcerer: They are magic-users. While fighters devote their time to the body, sorcerers devote their time to the mind. Magic is something that requires the users total concentration. A contract-based system, a spell is basically the carrying out of a contract with a god, higher power, spiritual being, elemental spirit, alter-ego or object god. Sorcerers prefer to stay away from physical combat and generally carry around a spell focus for when proper casting time is not available. Sorcerers can use either the twelve elemental forces of magic (Fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark, wood, sound, metal, lightning, blood, shadow), one of the three law forces (Law, holy, necro), or have greater mastery over the six elements of nature (Water, wind, earth, wood, lighting, shadow)
    ***-Craftsman: They are alchemists, blacksmiths, wood-carvers, occasionally doctors. These are people who were not meant to engage in combat, but rather helps the puppetmaster evade combat. They are generally one of several guardians and often have a closer relationship with the puppetmaster, seeing as they spend more time with the charge than other “conventional” guardians.
    ***-Half-Beast: They are humans who focus mainly on unarmed attacks and use of improvised weapons in nature (Think of in Phantom Brave when you could use trees and rocks and stuff. Same thing). They generally have longer and harder nails than an average human, becoming almost claws. They are very swift and their “claws” are often compared to small scythes. Most surprisingly, they can wield the six nature elements, though in a way sorcerers cannot. The truth behind this will be revealed to those who take this profession.
    ***-Harlequin: To be swift of foot and deft of hand. The harlequin is one who moves quickly and perform sleight-of-hand effectively. They are generally very frail but it hardly matters with how quickly they move. They are often effective at feats such as knife throwing and fire-breathing. They often perform in order to gain extra money.
    ***-Bard: More of a joke than anything else, the bard is occasionally hired by a puppetmaster in order to keep them from being bored. Though usually effective at using sound magic, they very rarely can do so without either some form of instrument or the use of voice. The bards in a group are often better protected than even the puppetmaster themselves.
    ***-Samurai: This is posted only for completion purposes and is unavailable unless the conditions for coming from Radia are required and I can be even remotely assured that you won’t abuse it. Samurai is a very loose term that refers to any swordsman who focuses on the curved swords used mainly in Kazemei. Longer blades, broader blades, shorter blades, slimmer blades, dual swords. The samurai focuses on one of these styles and runs with it. Samurai primarily travel alone with or without their puppetmaster, unlike the other classes who tend to join up with groups of similar people. When a group of samurai is formed, few forces are more deadly on the battlefield. Again, PM me with your desired class of sword combat and a sample of a forum RP post to prove that you won’t abuse it if you wish to play a samurai. They are a very powerful class and I will only allow one of them.
    ***-Hunter: They are the archers and gunners of the world. They are a deadly with an arrow knocked in their bow as a swordsman with his blade drawn. Like craftsman, they are usually one of several guardians for a puppetmaster and often stay in the center of the group where they will not be ambushed. Hunters are also known to be skilled in the use of traps and trap-like weapons. Remember players who choose this, although arrows can be enchanted by nearly anyone with even a touch a magic, only an alchemist can enchant bullets.
    ***-Mixed: Go on ahead, mix one or two elements of any two or three (three max) classes and I approve it’s perfectly fine. Perhaps you would like to have a magic swordsman. Take a fighter, reduce some of their physical prowess and add a little magic training. A harlequin who reduces their specialization in swift movement to take on physical prowess, well now you have a Stray Thief. Call it whatever you want as long as you explain what you’re mixing and how you’re mixing it.
    Edge: Edges are people who form groups, “clans” if you will, of people who are similar in fighting style and work as hired guns, or swords or fists or staves or whatever. They are also commonly bounty hunters when no job is available. Edge clans rarely fight against each other but when two clans are after the same bounty and neither will back down, a duel is generally acceptable. Edge job descriptions operate basically the same as Guardians.

    Name: Your character's name
    Age: Your character's age. If you choose to play a puppetmaster nearly any age above ten would be acceptable. If a person has talent and dexterity it is fully acceptable for them to be a puppetmaster. Most people are considered adults at age sixteen.
    Gender: I don’t feel the need to explain this.
    Nation: What nation your character comes from
    Class: Your character’s job. There are several available jobs. If you feel as though I’ve missed something, please PM me to request it and if it’s general enough I’ll add it.
    Description: Your character’s physical description. Please be detailed.
    History: Your character’s history. Again, details please if able.
    Fighting style: This would only be used for non-puppetmaster characters. The name and general discipline of your character’s fighting style.
    Special Notes: Anything about your character that might not be mentioned in the above categories.

    Marionette notes

    Name: If your puppet has a name, name it.
    Age: How long ago your puppet was built.
    Height: How tall.
    Weight: How heavy.
    Description: How it looks
    Special abilities: It can have three.
    Weak point: It must have one. Don’t say strings.
    Special notes: Anything that might not have been mentioned above.

    Example Characters

    Example puppetmaster

    Name: Roswell Meyers
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Nation: Istraken
    Class: Puppetmaster
    Description: About 5’8’’. 104 lbs. Ashen brown shoulder-length hair, pale blue-green eyes, slightly pale skin. Scrawny build. Roswell usually wears a light dark blue shirt with black lining and a pair of black pants. Beneath his black gloves are large welts on each of his fingers. He wears dark brown leather shoes and a warm black cloak for traveling. His cloak, when worn like a cape, is fixed to his shoulders with a silver attachment resembling an animal paw on each shoulder.
    History: Roswell always had a certain knack for making things. He saw his first marionette duel at only two years old. It’s unknown whether or not that had any influence on his becoming a puppetmaster himself but it would not be unusual to assume. His decision to learn the art of puppetry inspired his best friend Bridget to learn magic and the contracts controlling it to protect him when he left. His life on Vocus was simple up until his tenth year. Before then he was like any other puppetmaster to be. He was focused on his craft and learning to properly control a puppet. At age ten he met an undine for the first time. She was three years older than him and destined to be queen of the undine race. The queen at the time was surprisingly lenient and perfectly willing to let the young human near her daughter. The two grew up as close friends, even after the girl became queen at the age of eighteen. This was the same year that Roswell won the Vocus tournament for the first time with is marionette, Halloween. After three more years, Roswell felt ready to travel to Furumaki for the first time to engage in the tournament there. Although his childhood friend wished to accompany Roswell on his trip, claiming that she had learned to wield a spear, the puppetmaster forbade her from following him, claiming that she had responsibilities of her own.
    Special Notes: Roswell is afflicted with chronic anemia and often must be kept medicated in order to avoid passing out.

    His marionette

    Name: Halloween
    Age: First built eight years ago.
    Height: 4’6’’
    Weight: 56 lbs
    Description: Resembles a small black-bodied creature with six arms. Each arm ends in a brown gloved hand that carries a knife that is connected to the hand by a string. The head resembles a lit jack-o-lantern.
    Special Abilities:
    Fire Breath: Bring up chemicals from two separate tanks inside the “chest” in order to breath chemical fire. Can be used three times before refilling.
    Pincer: After attaching to the target by wrapping arms around and inserting knives, panel on “stomach” opens revealing an extra pair of blades that snap out like jaws, cutting the target in half.
    Knife Biter: Brings the other four arms into body, transferring knives into mouth to resemble fangs. This allows for better close-quarters fighting.
    Weak point: Because the frame was built for slimming down the torso to allow the weapons storage along with proper protection of the torso, the legs became rather weak.
    Special Notes: As a direct result of a slight social phobia on Roswell’s part, he occasionally speaks to Halloween as though he’s a real person.

    Example Non-Puppetmasters

    Acceptable Mixed

    Name: Selene
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nation: Istraken
    Class: Guardian (Undine warrior (A singer who also uses spears and water/sound-based magic))
    Description: From top of head to tip of tail: 6’3’’. 102 lbs. Wavy silvery grey hair that reaches the small of her back, dark violet eyes, usual large fins in place of ears (what the heck are those things?). Her head is adorned with several long bead chains that wrap over her forehead to resemble a small crown. The beads wrap loosely around her neck and shoulders. She wears an open sleeveless sea-blue top with what appears to be seaweed wrapped around her breasts. Her fish-like tail is a dark blue.
    History: Selene was very lonely growing up. She, unlike many other undines who, with their long lifespan, had ultimately no need to make anything with their lives, had ambition and determination. Not long after she turned thirteen she met a young human named Roswell. He had the same determination that she looked for. He hoped to someday become an expert puppetmaster and she was glad to help in any way she could. After she turned eighteen and began her reign as queen, she learned that Roswell had won the largest tournament in Vocus. After another three years she had heard that her friend was going to travel. She wished to go with him but was denied.
    Fighting Style: The water cutting blade. A spear-based fighting style that is more effective when used underwater.
    Special Notes: She is VERY protective of Roswell

    Non-Magic Character

    Name: Edgar Sinclair (Nicknamed “Hook”)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Nation: Iroka
    Class: Edge (Hunter)
    Description: 5’11’’. 110 lbs. Black hair that ends just above his shoulders, his right eye is a pale red while his left is covered by bandages. He wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt, black pants made of heavy cloth, a light brown jacket and either brown leather boots or wooden sandals depending on the weather. He has modified marionette rings whose strings retract more quickly and connect to, not a puppet, but large fishing hooks. Wrapped around each leg are three long leather straps that end in similar fishing hooks.
    History: He grew up in a small fishing village in Iroka with his mother, father, and younger siblings, the middle of which taught him the Way of the Sea, not just a way of fishing from either a boat or the shore, but also a fighting style which utilizes fishing hooks. When his father died when he was eleven, Edgar was forced to work on his family’s small fishing boat himself in order to put food on the table. Because of his age and size, all of his catches were considerably smaller than his father’s. As a result, he used the Way of the Sea as an Edge and joined a group of fisherman-styled Hunter Edges called the Crimson Hooks. Their leader, a man who became known as Dread Fisher in his younger days, employed Edgar because of the reputation as a fisherman of his father. During a mission in Istraken, a fifteen-year-old Edgar’s job was to raid a particular storehouse in Vocus. He was forced to fight against a puppetmaster close to his age who used a marionette that looked like a jack-o-lantern who was partnered with a witch. Edgar was stopped by this puppetmaster and was kicked out of the Crimson Hooks because of it. He fought Dread Fisher for a chance to continue his career as an Edge and lost, losing his left eye in the process. Since then, Edgar has sworn vengeance against the puppetmaster who lost him his means of feeding his family.
    Fighting Style: The Way of the Sea. A fighting style which makes use of large fishing hooks that is divided into ten sequences called “Raids” which use an opening move called a “Cast,” six techniques called “Reels” and a finisher called a “Catch.” Each Raid looks similar to a dance.
    Special Notes: Usually keeps his arms bound behind his back and fights with his legs. Only releases his arms when fighting a puppetmaster or a very strong foe.

    Spellcaster Character

    Name: Bridget Harwell
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Nation: Istraken
    Class: Guardian (Sorceress)
    Description: 5’6‘’, 92 lbs. Light pink hair, just passed her waist, toxic purple eyes, large glasses. She usually wears a white blouse with a red ribbon tied at the base of the collar, a pastel burgundy very short-sleeved top, a long cream-colored skirt and sturdy leather shoes. Her spell component bag, carried over her left shoulder, crosses over her chest and sits at her right hip.
    History: A family friend of Roswell’s, the two of them played together since they were toddlers. Because of her friend’s weak constitution, Bridget spent much of their childhood protecting and taking care of him. When he first showed her Halloween, Bridget decided that she would learn the art of magic in order to be one of Roswell’s guardians for when he left for Kazemei. Once Selene entered Roswell’s life, Bridget, though upset that there was someone who took his attention away from her, gladly accepted the help in protecting her friend. She aided Roswell during an attack by a young hunter from the Crimson Hooks and saw it as her first assignment as a guardian. When her friend prepared to leave Vocus, she waited for the right time to announce her employment as a guardian.
    Fighting Style: She commands the twelve elementals of magic with a main focus on light. Her mastery of the light element allows her to temporarily summon her alter-ego: Luciana the Lightbringer.
    Special Notes: Believes that she and Selene are the only ones who know how to properly take care of Roswell.


    Those That Are Forbidden
    • Godmodding
    • Killing my NPCs without my consent
    • Controlling NPCs beyond reason without my consent
    • Controlling other characters without their and my consent
    • Flaming
    • One-lining/One-wording
    • Dropping out without reason
    • Things that are forbidden by AF rules (*sigh*)
    • Three or more days of unexplained absence
    • Acting illogically. The world operates beneath the laws of logic. I have hosted RPs before where a player might try to EAT through a wall because the rules seem to allow it. If you act illogically, there will be consequences. If you do something physically impossible, there is a high likelihood that you will die.
    Those That Are Recommended/Rewarded
    • Spellchecking
    Being in-character
    Following up on character histories. Remember, no matter how small an event is, it will effect your character later in life.
    Detailed descriptions
    Natual-sounding dialogue unless it would seem unusual (If a character/NPC speaks an unusual language, speaks infrequently, has a small vocabulary unnatural-sounding dialogue would seem normal)
    Alright everyone. Let's see what you can do.

    -Efrieda Arwaltz
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