This thread is designed for people who want extractions done from a specific anime, meaning, you guys can post in here and request extractions from "Naruto" or "Ah! My Goddess".

You do not need to provide an image nor do you need to ask any one extractor for one, all you need to do is just post in this thread what anime you would like to see extractions of and that's it. Now you can provide an image if you want, but please it must be of GOOD QUALITY. have PLENTY of great quality images, so feel free to choose one of those.

Extractions do take time to do!! So you have to be patient with them. Not everyone will get to them, but some people will.

If you decide to do the extraction requests, you will post them in the Extraction Completion thread and the appropriate party can pick them up!

If at any point, this thread gets turned into a spam thread, it will be closed and I will not reopen it. This is a service to all you graphic designers out there who would rather not mess with doing extractions yourself. =D

Please PM me with any questions. Thank you guys!