Dare to love.

Your tarnished spirit dims through stained glass panes
Dead rose petals drift against your foul cheek
I find that crushed life bound in dirty chains
You've renounced that soul, yet what do you seek?
Freedom from the eerie, demeaning cage
Those shackles taunt, your tears to no avail
Those sinister voices provoke your rage
That disgusting word 'love' has no prevail
Poison placed on your lips as I draw near
To live? 'HA', please, your will gave out on thee
A man, nay, human knows love without fear
Save you, I shan't; we weren't meant to be free

I came for an answer; I left you crushed
This is repayment for believing your trust.

[ Tyler ]

(Just a little something I've been working on to release some confined anger.
Note; This is only my second poem EVER created.
Reppity-reps appreciated. =3)

Much love to my baby and Sensei~ XD.