[Plot Summary]

How would you feel living in a world where God trusts not a single man, where the Devil plays with our souls and where there is no place to hide from the darkness that is a war. In the year 2013 a new cold war has begun, a war not casted between the forces of man alone, a war which stretches through the Heaven’s above down through to the Infernos below.

In the city of Babyl, which is also called, “Gate of God” laid a well. A well where ancient blood rituals were conducted. These rituals were performed by Satanists who sacrificed unwilling and innocent victims to this well. The Satanists cut their victims throats with a sharp knife and they let their victims’ bloods flow down the well. This well was known then as Hellgate.

The Hellgate was soon discovered by the current king of Babyl, King Surt, a Christian by blood. He executed the Satanists for their crimes against God and all seemed well. But something happened on the day when Surt decided to visit the well alone. The well lured him into submission and almost immediately has Surt been converted to one of them, a Satanist.

He soon made Babyl a city of Satanists and he continued the work of the people he executed. The world’s nations found out of this and they immediately declared war upon the city. Babyl then fell in a matter of weeks. The world’s nations decided to hide the well’s existence forever by means of a group called the Organization.

But on the year 2013 a new Hellgate was discovered in Akishima Tokyo. The Organization immediately dispatched one of their soldiers to the site of the gate. But soon after arriving at the site of the gate the soldier was met with a large strike force which came from the darkness of the shadows.

The enigmatic Undead Revenants also seek the gate. The Undead Revenants is a group of renegade mindless demons who serve only one thing, the dark Revelations. The black bible written by past Satanists. Their goal to take the gate is simple, so that they may unleash hell upon this forsaken planet.

This was a clearly seen as an obvious problem to the Organization but the Organization treated the group as only a small nuisance. The organization then received ill news from one of their agents. Apparently there is one more group who wants hold of the gate. A previously unknown group of priests known as the Seven Saints.

The Seven Saints is a group of seven priests who are guarded by the 7 Archangels of God. Their role is simple, to eliminate anything that gets in God’s way. One such thing is the Hellgate. The Seven Saints are really dead but because of their determination and faith they were granted one more lifetime and now nothing will stop them from their mission.

The Organization was surprised at the arrival of these two forces but they are still treated as a nuisance to them. The Organization was merely concentrating on securing the gate. The will of these three forces to take control of the said gate has attracted the attention of one more faction.

An Imperialist nation ran by the Knight Family, a Satanist family turned Christian. This nation has granted military assistance towards the three factions. And they did this so secretively so much that the three factions didn’t even know that the others were receiving the same amount of attention.

Revolutions follows the lives of four soldiers of the four factions as they leave their respective armies to go on their own to discover their connection with the Hellgate. At the moment this is only a small cold war, but tempers are slowly beginning to flare amongst the factions and God only knows when the real war will begin.


“Let there be no man who stands in our path to reclaim our birthright. For this is our destiny and it’s time for us to grasp it.”
– Lucifer, high general of the Undead Revenants

“The Revenants seek defilement and darkness, the Saints seek for redemption and peace, but they are willing to sacrifice our lives for their holy mission. I say we put an end to this, I say a revolution!”
– Reinere, the current leader to the Organization

“The Apocalypse has happened before, man was reborn under the rule of God but they were soon defiled, a second Apocalypse is at hand and we are here to fulfill it.”
– Meriele, the 7th Saint

“I really don’t care which side wins, or what happens with the planet. I’m just in it for the money.”
– Asahiro, the Knight family leader

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