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Well here we go, first the boring stuff…

OCC: are in red.
To make sure every one knows what’s going on, Leo is in YELLOW and Darren is in ORANGE.
This helps you to just read the bits your character is involved in, however you might have to sift through all of my characters personal stories to get to the full picture of what’s going on, but it’s a good idea.

If there is a large conversation happening between 2 human controlled characters it is ok to PM each other and write the text out. Then one of you can post it (just put that you got permission to do this in an OCC). All of the usual rules apply…
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If you break the rules twice your out, I will give you a single post so you can either kill your character honourably or make him disappear, it adds depth.
Also remember your characters are only human (mostly) and do get hurt I don’t want to see any characters manage to scrape through an entire war without a few battle scars. You could even kill your character to alter the course of events, maybe give a friend a revenge mission or bravely save the life of others. Remember you can have more than one character, but lets not try to have more than 2 each at the same time ok.

Other filler characters include, Rubian Nile the headmaster and any others teachers you care to invent, however if you see that someone has already made a teacher for that subject I don’t want to see 200 close combat teachers running around ok. There are all of the residents of ST-04* and lots more students. The army squadron also had about 100 men so you can create some filler characters there as well.

Finally… all I can say now is enjoy the story, and kill some Diterr, whether in school, Earth or in anywhere else in the Universe, make sure you do it in style!

Leo stretched and rolled over. He caught a glance at his alarm clock, 8 o’clock, oh good the school term starts in 15 minutes… arrrhhh!!
Leo jumped up and shook the clock. Why didn’t it go off? He dressed quickly and ran down stairs, it was a good job he’d packed most of his stuff last night. He rented a small flat above the bakers in ST-04*’s market square, this was only during the school’s summer break. He lived alone but rarely stayed in anyway. He knew why he didn’t have a parent or guardian but he didn’t mind, as long as Mum back on Earth was ok. He quickly stopped brooding about it; he didn’t want to be in a mood on the first day of term.
He rounded the corner towards the school with a few spare minutes, that was the good thing about the station, it was only small. He looked at the docking bay across from the school, there were others around the station but this was the main one. He liked looking at all of the new ship types and stared for a few seconds while he unwrapped his cereal bar. A few passenger ships landed and quite a few students jumped off quickly running to the school.
Quite a few of them were aliens; he felt a stab of annoyance at this. Why did humans have to rely so strongly on their allies? He was sure they could win the war themselves. A few very attractive Venusians walked past (that wasn’t saying much, they were all stunning) and the closest one winked. All thoughts of dislike for the aliens dissipated in a blink as he waved back then stuffed the last of his cereal bar into his mouth. He was never the most charming flirter.

As he passed the school gates he noticed the usual opening poster stuck to the left hand pillar. A few students stood round looking at the usual instructions, he recognised a few and waved before looking at the poster.

Important Notice

All students will first store their valuables in their dormitories. Younger students please follow the signposts throughout the school. There are five floors in each dorm, one for each year with the youngest at the bottom. After depositing your valuables you will report to the hall for the first headcount. The rest of the information will be handed out here.

Headmaster, Mr Nile.

Hmm… it was different this year, normally an assembly would be held straight away. He shrugged and set off for the boy’s dorm…

Darren sat down on the remains of an old village library. This village was the meeting point he gave to all of the members on the army that were joining him in this damn country. All of the countries had been destroyed, England had a few cities still standing but none near Darren’s mission objective. He didn’t dare set the meeting point any closer to the mission; he’d already seen too many Diterr patrols this far away.
He noticed a few more Captains arriving. They either smiled or nodded then found a comfy spot amongst the rubble. Nobody was talking much, that was to come on the way to the mission, it would take at least 2 months on foot and although this was a top priority mission there was no money for vehicles!!!
He had Intel that there was a Black-ops member near here, hopefully he could be persuaded to join the company; he’d feel safer the more men that showed up. He wriggled and got comfy as the troops started to arrive, taking out a clip of ammo and placing it on the rock near his head, the heat of this many soldiers could be seen by a Diterr…