I noticed an old locked thread about the anime, but has anybody here read the manga? there are 4 volumes+databook+un-collected "Hypernotes"

For those of you that dont know, Appleseed is the story of Deunan Knute, a cop from LAPD SWAT, and Briareos Hechatonchires her cybornetic partner. following a nuclear war, the pair is recruited by ESWAT, a paramilitary unit on the artificial island of Olympus. An artificial urban paradise, Olympus is home to the bioroids who are attempting to reapir the rest of the world. all is not as it seems, however, and the pair soon find themselves embroiled in intricate conspiracies and outright firefights on the streets of Olympus.

The Manga was both drawn and writen by Masamune Shirow, the genius behind Ghost in the Shell, and Dominion.

So! Has anybody read the manga? what did you think?