Written by the author of Bleach, Zombie Powder is about a boy, Elwood, who accompanies Gamma Akutabi to find the 12 Rings of the Dead. Gamma's one of the deadliest criminals on the planet, and he wants the Rings in order to gain eternal life for himself. Elwood's desire is to use the rings to resurrect his sister. The two also meet C.T. Smith, a gunman (and Gamma's partner) who 'dresses like a London banker' and Wolfina (not her full name), a journalist. She's trying to rescue her brother, who's in a coma from touching a Ring of the Dead.

I love the series, but I'm pretty disappointed that it was canceled. The characters . . . *sighs* Balmunk is pretty much my favorite villain of all time.

Actually, I'm downright sad about it's fate. Too bad Tite Kubo can't continue, at least to give the several fans some sense of closure.

So, have you people read it? Have you enjoyed it?