Good day,my friends!!
An information i want to tell you....
i know many likes the anime "Yugi-oh" that means "King of duels",but have you ever wondered at the setting of the story?
I have,and as always my curiosity always leads to queations that needs to be answered with fact according to texts.
I may also let you know that i like mythology.Either Greek,Roman,Egyptian,or Norse.
The setting of the story is in ancient Egypt and the underlned word means to me "the time when people are free of believing what they want".gods are present these times and also the worshipping.Egyptian gods are not in human forms but of animals,sometimes parts of animals stuck together.
And as an observation,I notice that several Egyptian gods and deities have appeared,the ff.are;

ANUBIS-god of the dead,justice/judgement
RA-god of the sun(midday)
OBELISK-a monolithic structure where inscriptions are carved for a pharaoh or high-ranking official
OSIRIS-god of the daed(the real one for me,since Anubis judges the dead)
MANNA-the body of God which falls on the Promise land and serves as food for Moises and the others(white in color,dewy)
And what's more surprising is the main character,he himself,is a divinity,more of a god.
ATEM-is considered as the "setting sun" and is said to be a serpent from the beggining and end of the world.

If you have any questions about it,just ask...
Even though,some of you,doesn't share the same likes of me,it's fine,if somehow you will offend me,I'm use to it,nobody understand my interest anyway....
if some of your cards are weird in name and you can't understand it,feel free to ask me,I might be able to make you understand it.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!