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Thread: D.B./Z/G.T, who pushes your buttons?

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    Default D.B./Z/G.T, who pushes your buttons?

    Goku is an all rounder. He's cute, he's tender, most of all D.B would be nothing without him. He has great hair, a buff body, and is undeniably compassionate.

    Vegeta. He's curiously grumpy. He's a great fighter. He has fantastic thighs. Prince of all saiyans? Pushing your hot spot? Post it here.

    Gohan. The most sage-like of all? As fit as Goku. As intelligent as... well, more than most. Fittest in his all black outfit.

    Perhaps you may like one of the ladies?

    Bulma is a favourite. Techy, gutsy, and the shortest skirt of all.

    An underrated character in my mind, Chi-chi. So firey, and yet so Goku's lady!

    Some of you may like them green. Some of you may like them cyborg.

    Post your favourite D.B tottie here, and please say why.

    Trunks is my favourite. A little shy, a little respectful, yet so strong and compassionate. Young and eager, I suppose.

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