When you are running a play by post role play you are considered to be the Game Master of this RP. (Game Master, Games Operation Director, Story Teller, GOD, whatever you'd like to call it.)
There may be more than one Game Master as is up to you.

There are rules for being a Game Master however.

You are responsible for your RP.

I will check in on the RP but it is up to YOU to REPORT to me issues.

If I catch cursing in your RP thread, spamming (one word posts included) or the like more than five times your RP thread will be closed and you will not be allowed to restart it for a period of a month.
Everytime you argue with me in PM I will add time to the length it's closed. You can lose it perminantly.

If you lose your RP, don't request another one. You've proven you're not ready and you will serve out the month of NOT being a Game Master.

If you do not report the issues in your Game thread and I find them you will lose your RP. As the Game Master you should be reading every post anyway.

Also when Titling your RP.

Game thread should begin with


Sign up Thread should begin with

Sign Up:

Out of Character Threads should begin with


Do not at anypoint put "Approved" anywhere in the title.

Do NOT make your sign up thread into an OOC conversation.