Q. What exactly is History
A. The History is what the story is about. How the world you are creating came into being and what effects it. The History should include references to main characters or ideals and should include ideas of what government or the like is. Should give a basic overview of what this world is.

Q.What is Plot Advancement Ideas
A. Plot Advancement Ideas are simply ideas that you plan to use to advance the plot. All GOOD stories have a START a MIDDLE and a FINISH. Yes a FINISH. There are a few good stories that go on for a lengthy period of time but all GOOD stories must come to an end.
These are ideas you plan to use in order to bring you CLOSER to that ending.
- The master demon will take over one of the continents
- The sacred sword will be found
- The princess will be kidnapped
- The location of the princess will be discovered when so and so drops such and such as a clue in a battle.

These are VAGUE examples, please be a little more detailed.

Q. Is there any RPG Help? For anyone who might have questions about making a character?
A. Making a character depends largely on your own creativity, but there are a few key things you should always think about:
-Name: Needles to say, very important. Not every character needs a lasts name, but I prefer to do so as it gives more depth to my characters.
-Age: speaks for itself, depending on the settings of the RPG in question this can be anything or limited to realism.
-Apearance: Not only how your character looks, but also what he/she wears or carries with him/her
-History: Every character has a history, some more mysterious then others. Maybe your character has led a peasants life, or maybe he/she was a dark lord. It's all up to you.
(Thank you Red Storm)

Q. If one were in a rush to start one and it got closed, could one still request its approval?
A. If they resubmit properly and can show it's an honest mistake. If you submitted and got bored of waiting for me to respond. No I'll suspend your ability to start your RP here for a month.

Q. My APPROVED RP got closed how long is it closed for? (It recieved five strikes)
A. First Offence : One Month
Second Offence : Three Months
Third Offence : Permanent
We're going off of a low tolerance here. Keeps the spam down and the rule breaks down.

Q. Can I use 'U' and 'R' and 'thanx' in my RP Request.
A. No. No internet lingo. It'll be denied as I'll want to find a way to stab you in the face before I finish reading it.

Q. I just want a one hour RP why do I have to do this?
A. Go to Chat We don't want one hour RPs this is an ongoing thing not a one hour thing.

Q. How long does it have to be?
A. If it's not a page typed you probably need to do more work on it. (if it's five or six pages, give me a coles notes please...lol)
Update* I don't need every tiny detail when you submit. If you are worried I'll reply with need more information when you have more information just put an astrisks that says *more information available upon request I don't want ten PMs of information... anything over two PMs is a lot for me to read. Also please DO NOT send me the pictures. I don't need them and they cost me Data on my phone. I'd prefer a description or just text that says picture provided

Q. My RP is approved and I can't post it, why?
A. Odds are you're coming in from Anime Galleries .Net the permissions are a little off. come in from AnimeForum.Com with the same user name and password and you'll be able to post the new thread in the RP Forum.

Q. Can I have more than one character?
A. The Game Master of the RPG you're in will set this rule for you, never be afraid to ask them.

Q. What is God Modding?
A. God Modding is when your character becomes invincible, nothing hits them, nothing effects them and they never lose any battle they fight. They're no longer a character that develops through their faults they're a god without fault.

Q. Someone killed my character, now what?
A. If your character is dead, depending on the game master, you can start a new one. Never try to save your character if they died, respectfully back down and start new. Fighting about it just makes you look bad. <3

Q. Can there be intimate relations in the RP?
A. Intimacy happens in real life, sex happens in real life. However here on the sites we like a PG rating towards this. Kissing is fine, hugging is fine, everything that might suggest something happened, as in they woke up the next morning hair fuzzy and loving eyes staring at each other is fine. If we start talking about the innappropriate areas or cybering, you'll be banned.

Q. What is a sign-up thread?
A. A sign up thread is the single place where everyone can sign their characters up to play your RPG. This keeps your RPG thread clean and free of people joining your game and as a steady flow to your story. They are required for your Game.

Q. What are these Volumes?
A. Game Masters have the ability to ask for their RPG thread to be closed, and a new volume made. They will use their first post to make a game summary and the game will continue on past that. This is done because some of the threads reach ridiculous amounts of pages and are harder to load on slower computers. Volumes however are up to the game master.

Q. My RP was submitted a long time ago and wasn't approved, what's going on?
A. Double check to make sure that there hasn't been some sort of mix up, and my response was deleted. Also make sure that I haven't denied the request.
Sometimes when I read the request I'm not sure if I like or understand the idea and so I take a moment to step away and consider it before I reply with my decision. If you've waited over a week, PM me again.. odds are I've gotten caught up in something. Try to be polite no need to be like "Hey what the heck is up with my RP woman!" just a polite "Checking in on the status of my request for "RP Title" have you had a chance to review it?" I'll respond with a yes or a no or I'll deny or approve your RP. Sometimes I get caught up in things and while I've read it probably I haven't had a chance to respond.

Any other questions please send them to me VIA PM with the title "RP Forum Question" and I will get back to you ASAP.