I know I've said this a thousand times,
"I still don't know what to think",

I'm worth about as much as a thousand dimes,
as this life of mine continues to sink,

am I supposed to be happy or sad,

am I supposed to be angry or mad,

you may think im exagerating,
but this world is always degrading,

even since the very first time you started breathing,
ever since people started breeding,

badly fated,
lowly rated,

though I came a long way from the boondocks,
I never forgot listening to the ticks of that clock,
trying to fall asleep as that train went by,
in the next house people were getting high,
a floor below a man was beating his wife,
as I laid there regreting life,

for most of my life I've sleep on couches or the floor,
and now the girl I grew up with is now a street *****,
I always treated her nicely never slamming her face in the door,

badly fated,
lowly rated,

sometimes it seems drugs are all around me,
incompetent cops and a violence filled bloody sea,

rednecks screaming at each other,
losing my two brothers,
i am at least happy I have a half-sister,
to her I may seem more of a blister,
even though we've never met,

left out in the rain covered and wet,
now I live in a nice house up on a hill,
but still this place seems like hell,

because when you really look at it,
I am only a quarter mile from where it all began at,

I want to leave this nasty place,
before I end up hanging by a peice of lace

taking any chance I get,
plenty of time for regret,

trying not to care about my rank,
tell me what am I supposed to think.