So this the place where you were born only once
And here is where you screamed as you died
As you sang as you rose only to come down and cry
Five futures they have passed and have floated by
You grabbed at them but you had no wings to fly
And on the clouds your leaden feet they brought you down again
Now you must face this turning wheel
As one who walks it as it turns and turns more
Knowing you will never feel the chill of a icy tomb floor
But pick up every piece of the life you love to store
Deep down in you shell as you pick the lock to this ivory door
Where Peter he screams and shoes you away with a broom
So now your face is bleeding as it changes once again
Like a flesh less harmony you will lie still but then
Get up to swim on the waves forever and ever again
“A man is not a man when he can not die
every clock’s a burden which forces out a cry
a birthing scream of fire flowing from my tongue
till my insides turn to cinder and mucus fills my lungs
and I fall into the grip of the cold dead ground
which will hold me but a moment till I come crashing down”

And from your womb can a two headed thing
And you tied them up with an umbilical string
And touched by shards of sin they screamed
“But little ones don’t dare you dream
that we will fall and stream
together and I will take your sin into me
and we will swim and fuse together
and I will put my thoughts into you and be your mother
and when he finds you and brings your souls in his
don’t fear the thoughts he’ll bring and hiss
into your ears like lies of bliss”
and bear them on your shield
and the sword that you would wield
will stitch them up and into your swollen stomach
your family is begging for your holy hairs
as you fled bearing godly splendor and fair
flowing hearts the splashed into your mouth
you swallowed them and birthed them out again
and then when you are closer to the sun
you will find all your souls are now one
and as the skin of your children joins with yours
and you are allowed to sleep forever
dreaming of the days you spent and severed
from the future you could have

Now your darker half it rides
To the side of things that you would hide
Beneath a cloak of steel
Which would all fold and feel
Your lessons
Learn by blade and stone
And written into the bones
You kept sordid and alone
Trapped by fleshy bindings
With one arm clawing your own tongue out
Until you have beaten yourself into a mold
Like a blazing fire but etched in winter cold
He will swallow you and become part of you
His teeth stapled into yours and then the nozzles
In your mouth are twisted and give birth to a form
So fiendish yet so fatherly soft and warm
And he gave you shelter from your storm
Beating hard against your skull and dreams
As they crumpled into you and you screamed
As the blood in flowed and beat
Hard against the street you walked on
And your requiem it sings
Thought you still live and bring forests
Crashing with your blows
They scream and die your woes untaken
Rest inside your hand
So maligned and demon-like and branded
By the flesh of fallen angels
You have let into your heart and they
Will blend there mind with yours
Until even your father is not your own
To you soul it has atoned
For nothing
“Father please forgive
all wounds I gave with blades so flashing
bright into you eyes
and with the sound of heaven crashing
I’ll take you into me
Three eyes I have to eat you in my gaze”

One knife you hold inside you bosom
The other in you soul
Five flowing mouths they reach inside you
And up through you hole
And all the ones you thought were ringed with white
Are falling fast to black
And one savior demented
He won’t let you back
So with feet etched in fire
You will run from here
Till you hold a mother and a child
And have no thoughts of fear
But listen not to sweetly
To that singing steel
Which flies furious beside
And begs to reach and feel
Deep into you mind and to your brain
Which shudders with the grasp
And your heart it takes to pound
As your air begins to rasp
“I have purged away the body
but I haven’t stopped the mind
the hand that’s climbing through me
and leaving me behind
so with my compass bleeding oceans
made of liquid gold
I’ll reach to fallen lotus flowers
And cast out to the cold
All sentiment worth saving
For my family which died
Bloated and coughing up there insides
And left to the clouds to hide
Until they crash back down to earth
As one man’s Egyptian son
And they will smile and find no evil
Under the seedling sun”

Alright this is technically a cloister of poems but they are all inter related so i count it as one. Anyone this is more me practising with suspended narration then anything else. I took pre-existing characters and try to tell there stories without any cohesive order of events. The Characters are from Soul Calibur (it had some interesting characters and it was the first thing i came up with). I split it up into small groups because other wise it would be very, very long and not much fun to read in one sitting. Anyway, have fun trying to match the characters to the poems if you feel like it (most arn't tough but one might be because that character has a very...unoriginal story) or if you haven't played the game try to figure out what happened in the character's life.