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Thread: Rules.

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    Default Rules.

    Welcome to AnimeForum's Space Anime and Manga section! There are a few rules in place here meant to make the forum more enjoyable for everyone, so please read them and follow them.

    1. No flaming. This means refrain from calling each other mean things, getting into stupid arguments, or in general being insulting. This includes baiting. Baiting is when you're basically baiting someone into starting an argument, and if I see that or even suspect it I might have to cut in and stop it before it starts. Heated debates are fine, but once insults start being flung the thread will be closed and the instigators will recieve infractions.

    2. No double, triple, quadruple-posting or higher. This means do not make post after post all in a row in the same topic; allow someone to post in between what you have to say. If you make an accident when submitting a post please edit your double-post or PM me and I can remove it for you.

    3. No spamming. This means posts that are off-topic, whoring websites out that have no relation to the topic at hand, and so on. I consider multiple posts in a row spam.

    3.2 One-word posts will count as spam. If all you have to say is "yes/no" or "duuhhh" then you have nothing to add to the discussion and shouldn't be posting anyway.

    4. No swearing/cussing/foul language. There are kids on this site, and some people find that kind of language offensive. We're trying to keep the site family-friendly, so you can express your dislike of something all you like but do it in a more tactful or less disagreeable manner. Also, do not post inappropriate images (such as hentai).

    5. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It's annoying and posts written like that will be deleted.

    1. Please please PLEASE do a quick search to see if the subject you want to discuss has already been made into a topic in the forum. I won't read over 3 different topics talking about how totally kewl the spaceships in Cowboy Bebop are; if I see duplicates I will close them. However if the only previous topic you want to discuss is really old and has been auto-locked by the forum, I won't mind a new thread on the subject.

    2. As you can see we have subforums now! Made for the anime series most commonly discussed in our forum. If you want to create a topic on Cowboy Bebop, put it in the Bebop subforum, not in the main forum. Same goes for a few other series. If you don't see a subforum for the series you want to discuss you can put it in the main Space Anime forum.

    As for punishment for rule breaking, it really depends on the severity of the situation. I understand some people make mistakes so I'll try to help people understand the rules and what they did wrong, but there comes a time where someone is OBVIOUSLY just messing with the forum, and it IS your responsibility to know and followthe rules. Remember that moderators can give out temp bans if the situation calls for it, so don't go looking for trouble if you value your posting rights.

    In general, just be considerate in what you say and how you say it, and have fun.
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