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It is the year 2032, and FoxHound has died out along with the death of Solid Snake. The repercussions of the Manhatten Incident have died down, leaving no need for FOXHOUND and its covert unit. But as of late, terrorist activities in China have grown to an all time high. The government has been developing a nuclear strike system and a new nuclear strike weapon out of the view of the worlds public eye. Using the blue prints of Metal Gear REX that Ocelot sold on the black market, China has designed an all new Metal Gear. Although the unit is still in the testing stages, something needs to be done. Being granted permission directly from the Patriots themselves, the well aged Otacon has re-established FOXHOUND and is now looking for a new opperating unit and a new man to fill the shoes of the Legendary Hero, Solid Snake. Setting up a VR training simulator where the operative would enter the VR through plugs into their mind, and the operating team would stay in reality and give support via codec, Otacon hoped to find a new FOXHOUND unit all at once. The training system was to simulate a mission that takes place on Shadow Mosses Island. The abandoned facility had been taken over and put into opperation by a terrorist cell consisting of 6 main members.

1) Inferno (Vincent Armarado)- A pyro maniacle man of the age of 26 who is capable of manipulating flame. Although he is not capable of creating fire, he can control it and use it to his every whim, as long as there is already fire present. At the young age of 6, he obtained third degree burns all over his body, causing him to gain an odd and dark fascination with fire. Ever sence then, he has been training his mind to manipulate the flame. He wears a fire protected body suit that is black from head to toe. He wears a gas mask as to not get suffocated by the smoke from the flame. The sides of his body suit have a red stripe going down. On his back is a tank of extremely flammable liquid used to power his flamethrower. The tank is almost as large as he is, yet he seems to walk around with ease, even with the tank on. He is very slow, due to the large tank, but very creative. His cunning can be a very descisive factor within battle.

2) Deep Water (Cassandra Cummins)- A female of 34, capable of staying completely hidden in any body of water that is large enough to cover her body. She was born in America to war-torn parents. She started training at an early age to become a soldier, but never quite found her talent until trying out close range techniques. She has perfected CQC(Close Quarters Combat) and CQB(Close Quarters Battle [There is a difference, CQC is disabling and disarming your foe while CQB is killing them at close range.]) She wears a suit of camo made specifically for hiding in water. She is very agile and capable of not only swimming quickly and quietly, but moving just as quick and quiet on land. She wields an M1911A1 and a Battle Knife. She is very adapt in CQC and CQB, making her a tough opponent at close range. She uses her speed and ability to hide in water to stay close to her opponents in battle and uses CQC to disable them.

3) Deathguise (Miguel Rodriguez)- Standing at 6 feet 11 1/2 inches, this 29-year-old man is a beast of a human being. He weighs in at 225 pounds of sheer muscle. He has darkened skin due to his Mexican descent and has a Mexican accent. Being of Mexican descent, his temper can be very bad and cause him to go slightly insane. He has always been big, which pushed him to become a body builder. Doing so, he became incredibly strong, capable of lifting over 400 pounds with ease. He has a quick temper, causing him to become hotheaded very easily. He wears a camo suit worn by most military units. On his back over either shoulder is a tri-blast rocket launcher unit. He also caries a Scorpion sub-machinegun at his side. He is large and slow, but extremely strong. He uses his rocket launchers to knock down enemies and cause large amounts of damage and his Scorpion to finish off whatever remains.

4) Quick Draw (Nikolai Zspopovichk)- A man of the age of 45 who is extremely talented with a Single Action Army (S.A.A.) Black Powder Version. He can pull out his gun, fire off all six shots, reload, and holster his gun in a matter of 10 seconds. He loves the thrill of reloading in a battle and the smell of the black powder sulfer as it shoots out the bullet from his gun. When he was 9, he became suddenly fascinated with old time guns and took a very specific likeing to the S.A.A. Black Powder Version. He knows every part of the gun and how it works and has been training with one his entire life, becoming an expert at using it. He is even good enough to ricochet bullets of off metal surfaces. He wears a trenchcoat of black with a white shirt and khakis on underneath. He has his holster on a brown leather belt. He uses his wits and his ability to use the S.A.A. quickly and to full effect in order to take out his opponents with ease.

5) Physcokenetic (Donald Anderson)- Obtaining his codename from his telekenetic and pyshconesis powers, this man, at the age of 30, is capable of controlling things with his mind and jumping into other peoples minds. He can read the past, the present and even the future within peoples minds. When he was 13, he learned of telekenetics and physconesis and became drawn into it. His life started to focus around it. He meditated everyday of his life until he was able to free and willing control objects and jump into peoples minds. He wears a leather trench coat and black jeans and a black t-shirt, his hair is jet black. He uses his ability to control things to throw objects at his foes and to control them if it becomes necessary. He is able to read his opponents thoughts which he uses to his advantage in order to win. His one down side is that he cannot access multiple minds at once.

6) Ac!d (???)- This mans true origins and name are unknown. All that is known of him is that he is 27. He uses a Scorpion sub-machinegun and a Desert Eagle. He is slightly muscular and fairly quick. His past is not very well known. His abilities are well balanced but fairly advanced. He is the leader of the terrorist cell that has taken over Shadow Mosses Island. He wears baggy tan pants and a leather vest with a white t-shirt on underneath. He has the Desert Eagle at his right and the Scorpion to his left. He is very mysterious but seems to have a deep anger.

The terrorist cell has taken the island and is using its facility and resources to perform enhancement experiments on human beings. They have taken into their captivaty countless amounts of humans to be tested upon. The mission of the candidates is to not only take out the six main men of the terrorist cell opperating the unit, but to bring a stop to the experiments being conducted there. Both of these objectives must be met while staying as hidden as possible. But toward to start of the experiment, the system malfunctions and causes the human withdrawl systems to be damaged, meaning that the people cannot be taken out of the simulator until the mission is complete, or they will be killed. And not only that, but the damage realization system was destroyed, meaning that all damage taken is real. Now, the only way for the candidates to escape is to complete the mission that they had entered for, but with the system glitching and malfunctioning, causing data to randomly be erased and recreated and even causing data to block the paths of the candidates and for walls and the such to be created out of no where. The candidates will have to team up and work together in order to accomplish their goal and make it out of the simulator alive.

C. Sample Character Sheets

This RPG calls for you to create your own team as well as a candidate, you do not have to go into great detail with the opperating team (other than their personallity) but please do take the time to make at least a two character team.

Name -
Codename - (Name that the opperating team calls him by, every character needs one)
Age - (Please include, and be aware that the older the character, the wiser they are, but the less they are physically capable of, while younger are more naive but more physically capable)
Gender - (Males are stronger and can take more damage but are slower while Females are faster and more patient but weaker)
Appearance - (Optional)
Strengths - (What are they good at? And to what extent are their abilities in this catagory?)
Weaknesses - (What makes them collapse? What things are they weak against? And what are they not able to handle?)
Technique(s) - (How do they fight? Do they prefer to use their weapons or do they adapt to the situation?)
History - (Can be short)
Personality -
Tidbits - (Anything extra you want to add)

Opperating team
(Make at least two)
Name -
Codename - (Optional)
Age -
Rank/ Profession in team - (What is their rank and what do they do in the team?)
History -
Personality -
Tidbits -

D. Sample Characters

Played by me (Zanethose)

Name - Vincent Darpa
Codename - Zero (usually just referred to by his name)
Age - 23
Gender - Male
Appearance - He is about 5 feet 10 inches and slightly muscular. He wears a sneaking suit similar to that of the legendary Solid Snake's. He has black hair that spikes forward and dark green eyes.
Strengths - Handguns, SMG's, great in CQC/ CQB (includes close range weapons), stealth
Weaknesses - Rifles (with the exception of the XM5), throwing weapons (grenades)
Technique(s) - He adapts to the situation, using CQC and CQB accordingly. He will also stay hidden if he finds that to be more effective.
History - American born, Vincent has a strong sense of patriotism. His parents were killed during the repercussions of the Manhatten Incident, making him an orphan. Two years after his parents death, a man took him in and taught him how to shoot a gun and how to use CQC and CQB. This man was the one that the world knew as Solid Snake, and would be looked upon as a master and father to Vincent. At the age of 14, the man who had taken him in had left, never returning. By that time, Vincent had also been taught stealth and sneaking by the man as well. He now wishes to follow within this mans footsteps and join FOXHOUND to help the world.
Personality - He is very loyal to his country and his mission. He will follow the orders that he is given, not swaying from the path. He seems to be somewhat naive but has a strong sense of right and wrong.
Tidbits - Lived with James Carmon after his master/ father left him at 14. The only weapons of his own are his survival knife, his SOCOM (which were given to him by his master and father) and his XM5.

Opperating team
(Make at least two)
Name - James Carmon
Codename - Captain Jack (called Jack)
Age - 33
Rank/ Profession in team - Colonel/ Team and operations leader.
History - Born in America exactly 10 years before Vincent, also having a strong sense of patriotism. His father was abusive and a drunk, beating him every day. His parents got divorced when he was 12, causing him much shock and making him depressed for some time. He recovered by the age of 20, but was resistent to share his past afterwards. He found Vincent roaming on his own 9 years ago and took him in as a son, giving him food and shelter. He worked in the army, working his way up the latter to be a Colonel before leaving. He now does side jobs as a "Special Request Soldier" everynow and then.
Personality - A patriot of strong will and thoughts. He is like Vincent in the aspect that he is loyal to his country and his mission. However/ he is not so naive, nor is he willing to take any order that he is given.
Tidbits - He does not trust many people other than Vincent. He is not very open with other people. Sheltered Vincent when his master left him.

Name - Sammantha Curns
Codename - Techno (Vincent calls her Sam)
Age - 29
Rank/ Profession in team - Major/ Weapons and Technology/ Injury expert.
History - Born in England to a good family, living a nice and easy life. She had never had alot to do with warfare or anything of the sort until she started studying in science. She came in touch with Vincent on a trip to America to anounce a new design for a weapon, which she gave a prototype of to Vincent (XM5). She now lives in America and makes radar and targeting systems for the army.
Personality - Nice and open. She is willing to share all and any knowledge with anybody. She only wants to help.
Tidbits - She made the only rifle that Vincent is adapt with, the XM5. She has become good friends with Vincent sense her visit to America.

Name - Frank Carmon
Codename - Com
Age - 30
Rank/ Profession in team - Luietenant/ Hacker.
History - Being James' little brother, he is not very different from him. He is, however, more open and more carefree. He never went to join the army, instead, he stayed home and learned to hack. He has sense become extremely talented at hacking and capable of hacking even information on the "Patriots". His abilities and relations to James have gotten him a spot on the team.
Personality - Carefree, outgoing and a jokester. He is still serious and cares about his friends deeply.
Tidbits - Even though he went through the same things as James, he took them more lightly and seemed to not be as affected by them. He has always dreamed of being a professional hacker.

Alright, please post with at least 4-5 sentences and im gonna have a 5 post a day limit. So, lets RP and have some fun.