I greet everyone who enjoys lurking around in the Mecha forums!

I have been wondering for a little now, and I wish to ask you, the people of the Mecha and Apocalypse forum, how do you think about the rules, the forum, the moderating and whatever regards this forum?

I want to know what YOU think about MY job. =) If there's some rules you don't agree with, some rule you think should be there, please post in this thread and please tell me what you think.

I know for a fact that the people lurking here have been playing nice, and I have not warned anyone, verbally, nor given anyone a forum warning in only so long! Which is great news! It means that people can play nice! However, if the people don't like how I run the forum, I want to know what am I doing wrong, and where.

I gladly accept any comment, bad or good.

Thank you for your time.

Your forum moderator,