Seven was the number
As it floated near me
So lecherously soft
So beautiful and free
It grinned it spread its eyes
And then looked in to me
Asked me where Im going
And just where I would be
I told it not the cause
Why I sleep here at sea
I gave it half a dime
It gave them back to me

I asked why are you here
Out on the rim of time
Its answer was a myth
Spoken all up in rhyme
Its tongue it moved like fire
So silken in its slime
Of semen-saliva
And its words were a crime

It said I know not the
Reason why I drift here
Lonely in the sun
I cannot find the clear
River of the ocean
Which is feeding on fear
I know not my desires
Only that I am near

I said that I could help
Him find the distant shore
But he said he did not want
To be here any more
I nodded falsely to him
and left him in my core
If he did not know it
I know what it is for