How many of you hated the S and Super S dubbed versions? When I finally got my hands on S I was totally ecstatic about seeing the new stuff but when I turned it on my ears were assaulted by the most awful voice I've ever heard in my life.

I hoped for the entire intro that it was just the narrator and not Serena. But of course it was Serena.

I just didn't understand where the people who dubbed the series got the idea that a voice that sounds like an old woman trying to immitate a young girl sounded just like the old voice actors.

I am thoroughly p.o.ed at the dubbers. They did an okay job with finding people who sounded similar to the old Venus and the old Mercury but what went wrong with Serena?

Not to mention the fact that in either S or Super S there is an episode where Rei has a friend who ends up being the one in trouble and the voice actor is the woman who acted the voice of Molly in the first and second seasons. But when Molly made an appearance not long after that episode it was someone else doing the voice. What's up with that?

I know these people have other things to do and can't always make it back to do old characters but it's just so odd sometimes.