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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Default Hey everyone

    I never even noticed the intro forum, sorry.

    Anyway, I've been browsing the anime galleries for a while now, but I just signed up for the forum maybe a month ago. There's not too much interesting to say about me. I'm a 26-year-old married white lady. From St. Louis, MO, forcibly transplanted to Tulsa, OK. You usually find me on the Pit Bull forums, since I'm smitten with the breed and have lived with them since I was about 8.

    Liked anime my whole life, just didn't know it. Voltron was my favorite when I was growing up, and had a few obscure anime movies that my dad recorded off cable for me. I drifted apart from anime for a good many years, but managed to marry a geek who really brought me back to it. We've got a growing collection of anime DVDs, right now Inuyasha, Tenchi (Muyo, Universe & Tokyo), Hyper Police, Evangelion, most of the Miyazaki movies, Grave of the Fireflies, Wolf's Rain, Gunsmith Cats, and probably more that I'm forgetting. I'm starting to get into Naruto and FMA, but am too broke to go out and buy any at the moment. We've got some bootleg, but I prefer to buy the licensed stuff when I can.

    ETA: Oh yeah, I'm also big into video games. I used to be a hardcore gamer, but growing up and having to pay bills really cut into my game funds. I've still got a good-sized collection, mostly older stuff. I'm a sucker for the Final Fantasy series, but my tastes in video games range from strategy to action sidescrollers to just about anything.

    Anyway, great forum here.
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