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Thread: without my love

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    08-23-2006 12:07 AM
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    Default without my love

    For my tachy[suky]:

    I feel so alone, when she's gone
    Like if my will of continuing on, has gone
    I'm sad because you're not here
    To lose a single second without you, I fear
    I want to hold you close
    and only claim you as mine
    I know it's selfish
    but baby please understand
    I'm head over heals for you.
    I just want you here with me
    To hold me close and tell me..
    "I love you with all my heart"
    I can't ask the heavens for more
    Because they have given me the greatest treasure of them all
    I love you baby
    please keep me close
    I miss every second without you
    Every breath you take away far from me
    Your sensual goddess touch
    Your lips that I adore
    I can't ask the heavens for more
    But please baby
    Take me with you
    Where ever you go
    I just want to be with you
    Because I love you too.
    ^-^; Hehehe, this is my very first poem.
    I don't really write poems, but I just wanted to write one for my tachy because I love very much. So please if you have any critisism, go ahead and tell me, I would very much like to improve.
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    Yeah I know, I'm cheesy <=D, but hey I'm in love.

    It was scary at first, but I know when I hold him/her in my arms, it will be one of the happiest days in my life, my child.

    <----You know you love him, so come on now lets do the happy dance! woohoo!

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