You know...Are you popular, the nerd, the mean gossiper, bully, anti-social, all around friendly person?

Personally, and the whole school knows this, I'm the anti-social. Because on the very first day of school, I had no friends to invite me to sit with them, so I was stuck sitting with these freaking random guys I didn't even know! And now, one of them thinks I have a crush on them, and I heard them say such mean things about me from the table. And I have no friends, so I sit all by myself at the tables, no one to talk to, just three other empty chairs... And people laugh at me and say bad things about me, and taunt me because of my genes... Enough of this, after 3 years, can really break someone down...At least break me down. I shed tears as soon as I got home the 3rd day of school.

So, who are you in school?