One-Eyed Mary

Henry wakes up and notices that he's alone
Wife wasn't lying this time and had left home
The stained white blankets release their grasping
Morning air he slowly breaths harsh and rasping
Looks out the dirtied window on the town
Where as dusty wind serves to push dust around
One-eyed Mary wakes up on park bench her bed
And Henry wants to mock her but a hangover splits his head
Henry spends his nights a drunk
Since his happiness sunk
Under the weight of his fathers debts
The tragedy of life is set

Jethro Wilson goes to work a lawyer and a fool
He stands in the spring early and still cool
He always follows order, the law right to the T
and has no place for happiness but lots for agony
Boys pelt stones at ol' One-eyed Mary in the street
Call her names while she just sits on her bench seat
Not a whimper in her voice as she asks Jeth for change
But Jethro kicks her away she a dog with mange
Jethro works to have the most bread
In a town of the dead
But every night he spends in tears
Greenbacks don't end fear

Margaret is washing the dishes of her husband
She is wrinkled below the wrist form a wedding band
A couple welts another bruise and a leather strap
Her husband gave her all along her back
He had her pinned down and then made her plea
He has Marge tied by the chains of matrimony
One-eyed Mary's visage before her accident
Saying that the handsome landlord asks a high rent
So the lonely beaten wife
Stares at a knife
And wills the blade into her breast
But fear keeps hand at rest

The sun is slowly cresting that other lonely hill
Where not a person wanders everything is still
Headstones stand every where all are facing east
Upon one chiseled words that seem written by a beast
Franklin Heart the star of the entire school
Why did he take himself did he think that we were cruel
One-eyed Mary appears before the monolith
And places wreath of flowers stems form a labyrinth
Where Marge could not Franklin could
Now he trapped in wood
A train can take you places low and high
Even to a place in the sky

Middle age Clive says to Father George
"Help me Father please I can't laugh no more"
But the father cannot help him not a person can
For he was abandoned and no one gave a hand
To be left apart by a town woven to noose tight
He sorrowfully relates to One-eyed Mary every night
Clive may have been the son of a traitor to the king
But does he deserve the pain loneliness brings
A man is strong but just so much
And needs to be touched
When left alone with no one he can see
He will say none see me

Father George has his arm round another girl
He will soon leave her after a single twirl
Priestly collar round his neck now pulled loose
When he's done it'll tighten and feel like a noose
Cut off circulation to his lecherous brain
Now his aura as the sunsets is an alcoholic mane
He returns to church to put back on vestments black
One-eyed Mary listens to sermons written by a hack
O' Priest of debauchery
Why can you not see
Religion and your happiness
These can never be

Nancy has always been somewhat a curmudgeon
her points are hammered to down to bludgeons
intolerant of other but more so of her own
treats them just like bastard ascended to the throne
she sells bloody flowers but not to One-eyed Mary
and Nancy's sniding tone on the wind is carried
a soulless guttersnipe full of venom malice
father was the speaker and the catalyst
she hates herself and all
and ridicules with calls
she a mean old crone
of thirty one

One-eyed Mary is crying now in front of the school
She thinks her tears will begin to form a pool
Every friend from childhood in soul or body dead
The names of all these people start to fill her head
She wishes she could save them she just wants to help
And not goes out to her One-eyed lonely self
She dreams of going back and saving them all
From the things that shaped their falls

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
to when she and Henry first met
She would give her life's savings
To help Henry's father pay off his debts

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
To stop Jeth from falling to greed
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Show him he has all he needs

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
And make Margie listen to her
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Force dumb Marge to drop the cur

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Push Frank away from the train
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
And save the town from pain

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
And give Clive a helping hand
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Help him build his castle in the sand

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
And remind George of true love
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Pigeon George shall be a dove

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
Saving young Nancy from hate
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
And turn her from painful fate

One-eyed Mary wants to go back
To those times of innocence
One-eyed Mary wants to go back
To when all the kids would sit on the fence

Two-eyed Mary wants to go back
But not to save only herself
Two-eyed Mary wants to go back
put all the broken things back on the shelf

Two-eyed Mary wants to go back
Two-eyed Mary wants to go back
Two-eyed Mary wants to go back
Two-eyed Mary wants to go back