hey me back with a new poem. its not that great but i have its not that horrible well enjoy read and plz leave a comment even a bad comment i'll make it better if u tell me whats wrong with it. ^^ its a bet about me being helped by someone when i was depressed or is. well have fun. and thnx for ya time ^.^

Hell and Heaven on Earth
i kept going down
I was wearing a black gown
I stoped at station Hell
Burrning flesh was the smell
I just wanted a drop of water
I was going to die of hunger
had I died and been baned from Earth
oh how terrabile is the taste of Loath
I didn't know dawn from night
until I saw my saviour crack of light
the light kept growing and to me coming
then in it I saw a figure that was smilling
I felt love at every drop of water to me given
the food so delecious one bite made me feel at heaven
the figure came to me and took me in its arms
all of the world's warmth was placed at his hands
I felt so happy like the world had gone to peace
all my problems had suddenly gone to lease.