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Thread: My Flower

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    Default My Flower

    I care for you, even tho from far
    Not being able to protect you is hard

    I'll always be here to listen to you
    Hold you during the storm until the sky is blue

    The things I would do for you, my flower
    Please see that I'll never give-up on you, but however....

    I can't always protect you from all harm
    You've got to be strong to face things in your life, that's for shure

    Sometimes I do wish to put time on hold
    But your life is yours and not mine to control

    Always remember I care for you
    Your like my child and I'll always love you kido

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````````
    Authors note: I wrote this to a dear friend of mine in here, all I want to say to her is that I care for her and that I'll always be here to listen to here. Enjoy
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