Cowboy Bebop:
GENRE:Action,Drama,A little Romance,Comedy
In the deepness of space a cowboy named Spike with his partner Jet Run around the Star System Gathering bountys to make ends meet at the end of the day.Thats right two bounty hunters. As they go along after each bounty they have they almost come out of it with nothing except a empty belly and a new piece mind and almost always get into trouble. Going along in there bountys they meet a funny yet dangeres women named Faye she owes a big dept and has a big mouth that just gets them in more trouble.Then comes end a very weried yet fun loving girl who in the begin cons they members of the Bebop to make her a new member the show goes on as the best 26 episodes you will ever see.
Artwork And Animation: 9/10
You can see the animation really well just watching it you can tell that someone took a long time to create this show.The Characters and the backround is very dark when it needs to be dark and light when it calls for it.
Music and voice acting:8/10
Music was awsome the Jazz was a nice touch.The Seatbelts are the greates Japanisee band around they sing blues jazz and have a really good player for the piano.The actors make you feel like they were ment to do the part for there characters i have meet the man that plays spike in the Japanisees version hes a good man
Characters: 10/10
I have to say these characters are what make this show what its was Spike having his own past with the sindicit with his enemy visous trying to track him down makes it a good main character.Faye with her past live with the dept to pay and her life before the accident makes her a could main character also.Jet having been a ex cop and yet roaming around with faye a wanted criminal makes you kinda of wonder why he was a cop in the first place he has one of the most mystrious past in the entire show.Last but not least Ed with her no past and having no plan for the future living one day at a time i think is what holds this ship to geather.
Story: 9/10
The store is one of the best two bounty hunters looking for that one bounty that will retire them for life and in between that and the final episode finding a much needing of help Faye Valelintine.A very much of need of a home and friends Ed.With Eds computer skills and Fayes cuteness then you got Spikes fighting skills and Jets Ship makes a good story.
Overall Story: 9.5/10
Overall great anine with the characters and the action and the awsome music by the Seatbelts. I highly advise you watch it