Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a boy named Naruto, and a n00b. One day, Naruto decided he wanted to be a ninja, so he set off to train. The n00b followed along, not because he wanted to be a ninja (because he was already a angelic wolf/vampire/samurai/ninja demon) but because he was a n00b.
Naruto stumbled across a powerful ninja who wanted to fight. Naruto tried to reason with this stranger, but the n00b used his n00b-text-jutsu.
"i cot u w/ my lv 500 haxor swrd!"
The ninja simply looked at him, and killed both Naruto and the n00b.

Naruto and the n00b walked aimlessly through heaven. Both now had a set of white wings. The n00b didnt like this.
"OMG, 1 is posed 2 b black!!!!!11"
So the n00b grabbed a magic marker and began to color one of his wings black.

Naruto tried desperatly to find God, and ask for a second chance at life, but the n00b only slowed him down. Every angel that passed them was challenged by the n00b. Some simply ignored him, while others totally PWNED him.

Naruto and the n00b found themselves standing in front of two, large, perly white doors. They entered through them and walked down a long hallway, until they reached God.

"You have come to ask for a second chance at life?"
"Believe it!"
"Then it will be granted"
"nu-uh. u cant do that!!!111111 only i can, cuz im lv 70000000000 angelic (blah blah blah) thing! u jus suck"

God blankly looked at the n00b.

"You two, will be smited for your imcompitence!"
"No! God, please dont! I dont even know why he follows me! Believe it! I just want to grow up to be a great ninja, believe it! I was never a bad person, believe it! I also believed in you God, believe it!"
"Very well. You can return to Earth, alive"

And with a 'poof' Naruto was gone and alive back on Earth. Meanwhile, God pulled out his laptop and uploaded his smite engine.

"Whats your name?"

God typed in his name and hit 'smite'. At that very moment, a powerful bolt of lightning struck the n00b. It was then the n00b realized he was up against a much higher power.

"OMG i dint mean it i was jus playing im sory dont do it again plese."

God looked at the n00b. He thought to himself for a moment. God knew he couldnt torture the poor people on Earth with this n00b, and he didnt want the n00b around him either, so he decided to send him to Hell. Once reaching hell, the n00b challenged Lucifer. Lucifer totally PWNED him. When the n00b begged for his forgivness, Lucifer laughed and continued to PWN him for all eternity.

Moral- n00bs go to Hell, believe it!

* authors notes: *
God- peach
Naruto- purple
n00b- blue