Okay, I know I've declared a million times how I despise Sailor Moon whenever I get the chance, but it's fun to make up new characters. >_>

Name: Shinomiya Ayame, Sailor Pisces (leader in new season senshi in fic I'm making up. I KNOW I'M A HYPOCRITE, BUT MY FRIEND FORCED ME AT GUNPOINT. Not really, but I spent too much time with her one day, and suddenly I came up with charries for a new season. >_<)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Attack: Le Fouet du Poisson, directly translated = The Whisk of the Fish, indirectly = The Fish's Whip. Grapples enemies and squeezes them into stardust.

Weapon: Gymnastic-ish baton with a long ribbon flowing out. The ribbon, as said above, grapples enemies. In super form, it sharpens into a sword, while still retaining the looks of a long, simple dark blue cloth.

Short bio: Comes from a normal family; grandfather died at the age of 74 on her sixteenth birthday (bummer). Hides her pain with smiles, but when left alone, she blubbers like there's no tomorrow.

Personality: (These are the actual attributes of a person born in the time span of the Zodiac sign, Pisces) Sensitive, emotional, sunny, impressionable, dreamy, creative, psychic, mystical. Tends to be impractical; sometimes retreats into her dreams. Very sympathetic and a good listener. Delicate and vulnerable when under emotional stress. Adaptable; has the ability to take life as it comes.

Normal hair: Shoulder length brown with light brown highlights (hair color changes when in Senshi form)

Scout hair: Tied in a high ponytail, waist length golden yellow with mustard yellow streak

Eyes: Green (in both forms)

Scout Main Color: Yellow

Secondary: Light Blue

Skin color: Peach

Gah. I need to get started on that fic, now that I think of it.
Oh, yeah...

© on Shinomiya, Ayame for me, But © to Naoko Takeuchi for all the other aspects of Sailor Moon.