I have a search and couldn't see anything too similar to this so I thought this thread could be a place for you to talk about any gigs youve got coming up, what are some of the best bands you've seen live or what bands you'd LOVE to go and see!

I'll start off; personally about 2 weeks ago I saw a band called "Architecture In Helsinki" and they were probably the best live band I've ever seen!! That gig was so much fun, they were really enjoying theirselves onstage; which you could tell, and the crowd was so happy and fuun! THEY WERE SO GOOOD!!

I also saw HelloGoodBye supporting Taking Back Sunday 3 nights ago, and they were bloomin' grand too! Had a shark attack on stage and everything, twas amaze!


I'm also going to Reading Festival this year and the line up looks ace! And I might be seeing the Kooks soon also! K, so any other good gigs you wanna talk about! Feel free !