hey, this is my second thread, well anyways appleseed, and escaflowne do not show any scenes in space, but they do have mecs, and thats what this thread is about

gundam wing is an awesome show, loved it when i was younger, gundam seed, its just port of the armada, good show too love the fight scenes, the plot line rocks, appleseed never heard of it befor the movie, the movie kicks ***, love the graphics, well put together, escaflowne awesome toon, loved it alot, still remember most of it, really good plot line

well that was my intel on those shows, and if u wish to discuss any of these shows with me feel free, personel, im a sadist and i seek to see more violence, and how come the bad guys never win in cartoons??!!??!?!?!?!?! well anyways, ya im off to go post more threads