To have and to hold,
Where's the difference?
Having is to own something,
To hold is entirely different

To have is only own you for so long but be taken back,
To hold is to keep you forever..
To let you go is the hardest part,
To let you go knowing I still love you is worse

I've been through this,
I've been through that,
I've been through love,
And I know it's tough
But your love is more than just enough
To keep me going

I'll hold you in my arms like it was the last time I'd hold you,
I'll kiss you like I would never see you again
I'll cherish you till my soul is free from the pain
I'll have you in my arms until you're taken from me,
I'll hug you till I know it's time to let go
I'll know that it's time to fly and say goodbye

To have and to hold,
One is eternal, one is not
To love you until the world stops turning,
I don't know where I'm going
Your love will guide me
You can keep the heart the yearns to be free
You can keep the soul that wanders on
You can keep the love that goes on
Because now,
To have and to hold,
I know the meaning
It just means,
"I'm gonna go,"