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Thread: RPG: Children of the element stones

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    Default RPG: Children of the element stones

    To sign up, post profile here:
    Please PM me once you've found the stone you were questing for.
    Title: Children of the element stones.

    History: Twelve stones have been spread across the world by the Gods for twelve beings to find. Anything in possession of a stone will find they have the power of the stone to use. The Gods intend for these stones to be found by twelve good beings who will use their powers and abilities to aid mankind and pass their stones down to their successors who will continue their good work. Will you use their power for good or for evil?

    The rp is set in modern times, anywhere you'd like to be because the stones can span the globe and work in any location. Meet up with other stone keepers or find out everything alone. You can be of any race or form to use the stones, even mechanical, so the sky is the limit for original characters in this rp.

    Only one stone per person and there is only one of each stone, so grab yours before anyone else!

    If you possess more than one stone, you can use their powers together. Once all of the twelve wielders are together, or all twelve are lost, the balance will be restored or destroyed so guard them well.

    Stone descriptions:

    Fire: Has the ability to not only create fire at will, but manipulate it at will. Holders will be impervious to fire and can convert their own body into fire. This way, they can merge with a fire for stealth, or start a fire easily for defence or attack. Questing for: super trunks.

    Water: As with fire, the wielder can manipulate water and convert their bodies into water. Questing for: Ro-Loki

    Earth: wielders have control over the earth itself, able to use telekinetic like skills to hurl rocks and dirt or use it as a shield. Users can also convert themselves into rock for strength and protection. Questing for: Wilder

    Wind: Able to create tornadoes or high wind, directed or as wide as the wielder wants. Wielder can use the wind to lift themselves or objects. Wielders can create barriers with wind for defence or attack with air turrets. Questing for: Lady Risa Emrys

    Air: wielder can restrict air or create air and convert their bodies into it, so they appear invisible and can move easily in this state. Wielders can asphyxiate anyone or anything needing air to breathe. Users can fill a room or are with oxygen and make it a highly explosive place. Users can densen air to use it to lift them or objects with pressure changes. Questing for: Kyoto00

    Shadows: alleged to be the most powerful with it's mimicking abilities. User can use shadows and manipulate them for attack and defence purposes. Able to create any object with shadow, the wielder can use any shadow around them, including their own to help them attack or defend. Questing: leftfeild/Garnet, animeglobe

    Invisibility: User has the ability to make themselves invisible and can control whether they are still solid enough to pick object up or think enough to even pass though solid objects. Questing for: Incognit0

    Speed: wielder has unmatched speed of phenomenal proportions.
    Questing for: Lost profit, Red Storm

    Transforming: Wielder can take the form of any animal or even object for better defence attack, or stealth. Questing for: Nespa/Babs, Lost profit.

    Telekinesis: Wielder can move objects at will and create shields with their telekinetic ability. Wielder can "fly" using their ability. Questing for: Opinionated, animeglobe

    Telepathy: Able to project thoughts and even teleport using their amazing mental abilities. Wielder can communicate through the minds of another and enter dreams to hide or communicate cryptic messages.

    Strength: Wielder has phenomenal strength, next to impossible to damage with their sheer muscle strength alone.
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