Hmm.. I thought I posted it somewhere in the forum, but I cannot find it no matter how hard I tried to. Is it removed as it is not allowed? If so, please let me know. As I had also posted the link in other forums, this is my general answer.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that participated in the survey. I am very happy with the response. However, I cannot make too major changes on the questions now as I need to compile all the results in a normal graph to get the final results. Just for your information, this project is for my Geography module, which might surprise some of you. I chose anime as a subject as I myself are also an anime fanatic. I like anime and it kind of also lead to some of my changes, at least in my way of speaking. So, I would like to know if everyone is also as affected as I did. My friend once commented that my way of speaking and acting seems too exaggerating and anime like.
Anyway, as I am just using a basic account for the survey, it can only accommodate about 100 respondents. It seems that it will start to reach it in no time. So I regenerated the same survey in another link.
Please use this link instead of the one above. Thanks. (I am really very grateful for those that had participated in this survey. You all had been a great help. However, I have got some responses that said that I mislabelled the genres. Can anyone give me an advise in how to correct it? Thanks)