Ok who here is astonidhed by the or confused by the christian belief. I for one am confused. I mean lots of it looks possible but i don't know. Like i believe in God and jesus and heaven but the other stuff is just to hard to explain. Genesis 1:1 god created the heavens and the earth in 7 days. I believe that god created it because the question is what created what, but then what created God? I found a passage explaining it and it says that God just is? What? Don't get me wrong but that's very weird in a way. Then the Bible. Pretty confusing stuff. I think Job they mention a sea monster named Leviathan the sea monster with blazing yellow eyes. What does that sound like. Loch Ness monster. that's a guess. But then there was another sea monster named Rhab a giant crab? The christaian religion is very confusing but i guess i always find a sence of comphort when i think of it.