OMG how can you even put the two in the same sentence *goes on a rant about the millions of things wrong with Bush* deffinatley Karry he wins in my book by a landslide.

actually to tell you the truth, Bush is a big buisness type of guy who is way into oil fills *cough*alittletomuchithink*cough* and another thing did you notice that Bush made a big jump from Aphganastan to Iraq and there is no connection between the two, sure he uses the excuse that Iraq was a bad government, but let me stress this point how come we dont go to other countries, who by the way have it a hell of a lot worse than Iraq did and help them out? Here is the answer, BECAUSE HE IS AFTER THE ****ING OIL why do you think the members left in the Iraq government are blowing up the oil fills, b/c bush is after them, and another point, the econemy is going way down b/c of all the hurricanes and the war, plus OPEC is raising the oil prices even higher b/c of what America is doing. Yet another point, you know why the hurricane hurt New Orleans so much I'll tell you why, One b/c president bush said no about funding to help prevent that lvl of a hurricane, point number two, research for better energy resources is being denied by none other than the president himself as well as the oil industry, fundings are being cut short, even though farmers as well as major car companies have found atleast four alternatives to oil, here is a short list of them 1. Using the energy in corn, 2. Hydro power, 3. wind power 4. solar power, and last but not least 5. Maryjiwana yes I said maryjwana, the juice inside the plant is a better resource for energy than oil is, and farmers were offering to grow this plant for energy, and yes they were also gonna take out TCP wich is the drug inside the plant, and once they would take that out, it would have no effect on humans no matter how much they tried to smoke it, and you know what he said to that exactly he said NO, now what kind of president would do such a thing, AND YET another point, the Kyoto agreement was signed by every country in the world, but one, wanna take a guess who that was yes it was America, when studies have shown that America uses more oil with than all of Asia combined who by the way has a greater population than America does, and my last point to touch base on is that Karry offered to help fund research for alternative resources, and I am sure when the time came to it, he would have also helped New Orleans protect themselves better. Oh and that brings me to yet another point, when the hurricane was detected guess what Mr. Bush did, he told new orleans about yes he atleast did that, but way too late, and you know he didnt even provide transportation to help get most of the civilians out, and it was told on the knews that some army airforces were sent to New Orleans, well those kind army men decided to help save some people who were stranded on roof tops, and you know what happend to them THEY GOT SENT TO ****ING JAIL FOR HELPING SAVE PEOPLES LIVES, what kind of president does that HUH? one that abviously cares two ****s about the small people and is more focused on Big buisness and rich people, which by the way brings me to another point, he is cutting taxes for the rich, AND raising them for the poor, now who in the hell would do a thing like that exactly Mr. Bush, -__- ok I am kinda getting tired of typing now, but I will stress more points later when my hand feels better xD