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Thread: stupid stuff... ...or people...

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    Default stupid stuff... ...or people...

    never kiss a rattlesnake. put on the parachute before jumping from the plane. dont bring your dog along if you're going to rob a bank. these seem like the obviouse enough strategies, but unfortunately, people do these things, you would be suprised, i have thought about this and i am going to post ways to destupify if you think these things are cool, if you dont think they are, read some of the other posts anyway, you will be suprised!!!

    first thing, and sorry if you live there, but if you live in new york or chicago, you can move to kentucky or virginia and gain 50 IQ points!!! wow, hmm, never thought of that.

    second thing,dont let the rules stop you. every time we think there are rules to what can and cannot be done, somone smart succeeds by completely ignoring them.
    before Ibrahim Pasha became a great eightieenth-century general, he was an observant boy in the Egyption court, watching his father test his generals to see who was smart enough to protect the nation.
    the king placed an apple in the center of a vast carpet, then challenged the generals to pick up the apple without stepping on the rug.
    when none of the generals could solve the problem, the young Ibraham asked for a chance. he walked to one side of the room, rolled the carpet toward the middle, then reached over and picked up the apple.

    the same thing happened when an FFA member came to our school and told us about rules, he said that he would give a five dollar bill to anyone who could grab their toes and jump over the 5 dollar bill. so everyone faced the 5, bent down, grabbed their toes and tried to jump over the bill. no one could, so he said, let me show you. he walked up to the bill, turned around, then jumped BACKWARDS over the bill. he then said that he never said how you needed to jump over the bill, just that you had to grab your toes. ~think about that~ rules dont ALWAYS apply!!!
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