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Thread: [TV series] Zatch Bell

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    Default [TV series] Zatch Bell

    Zatch Bell is a TV series which also exists in CCG and Manga form.

    Type: TV series, Manga, CCG
    Official Sites:,
    Genre: Anime, contemporary/fantasy/magic

    Plot synopsis: Zatch, a Mamodo (strange demon creature) from another universe, is spirited to earth to fight in a recurring tournament against all the other Mamodos. The only catch is that they all rely on human allies to make their magic work - which is the thing that makes this show endearing instead of a godzilla-like battle of power vs power.

    Zatch himself is a Mamodo who happens to be amnesiac, and the main human character is Kiyo, a genius who doesn't particularly like going to school and doesn't make friends easily. His father discovers Zatch in a rainforest in england (!? a little strange, but) and sends him to help his son.

    The story gets going when Kiyo begins to realize that Zach isn't entirely normal... Which he does fairly quickly. It's difficult to ignore devastating lightning magic for long.

    Of course, all the other mamodo want to win the tournament (to become kings of the mamodo worlds) too, and they aren't forgetful...

    Story (8/10)
    Very good story, a few strange parts (what's with mamodo worlds? Why is it if Kiyo is so smart he doesnt do well in school anyway? Why does zatch look cute but blow things up?

    Characters (7/10)
    Very good characterization, zatch is so cute ^^ all the characters are distinct... Sometimes, though, some of the enemies seem too similar imo.

    Art/animation (8/10)
    Great animation. Lots of movement, not too much standing still - really reminds me of FMA in lots of ways. Not up to Miyazaki's standard at all though >.< entirely different, "cutesy" style.

    Voice acting, music (6/10)
    I hate cartoon network's voice acting >.< Always have. Nonetheless, they didn't kill this one *too* badly - most of the voices are fairly appropriate, though of course I prefer the japanese ones.

    Overall (7/10)
    Very good, with a few holes - still a reccomended watch, especially as they just restarted the anime on cartoon network... first episode was last saturday ^^


    Sorry if my review is not good ^^ It is my first I was trying to do it well sorry
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