yea, whats your fave oline game? are you more like a strategist, or a complete role-player or what else?? do prefer mmo gaming or smaller scenarios? rather real-time or round-based? tell us anythin about it!

with the poll: sry, i could include as many games as i'd like to, but theres a limited number of options (and besides i dont know all of em of course)

here are mine:
i love RPGs and RTSs (Real Time Strategy, for those who dont know). but dependin on that i have not the most modern PC, i dont have many graphics-wonders or so. umm, my fave games at the mom are: Diablo 2/Lord of Destruction, Starcraft/Broodwar, Homeworld (1), Worms Armageddon/World Party. For contact: my acc (Starcraft, diablo 2) is "haikataker", my D2 char is "Junanka"; my WON acc (Homeworld) is hkk.
i like non-mmog's cause playing in a smaller group i fell is nicer (and besides i dont have any mmog's myself); i'd like to play ragnarok online, but i'm a student and cant afford it on the one hand, and on the other: my pc aint good enough for that.
i like real-time strategies, but no ego-shooters and not that much beat'em ups.

but this all is only my opinion! ^^ tell me yours

laterz, hkk

to the mod: umm, you said no fave threads anymore, but either there is non like this or i havent found it ^^ if the second one is right, plz tell me the open thread ^^