Anime: X: The Movie
Type: Uh... Movie

Running Time: 100 Minutes
Source: DVD, Madman Release (Region 4). English Dubbed.
Year: 1996 (2001 Madman release)

"The concluding battle for humanity's future is staged. Kamui Shirou's destiny has been decided as he returns to Tokyo to face his ultimate challenge. The Dragons of the Heavens, ...stand ready to protect the world from the Dragons of the Earth, who embrace the devastation of the planet to bring about its purification. Now Kamui must decide which side to fight for." -Plot overview taken from DVD blurb.

Story: (7.5/10) The story to X is involving, as a simple idea of 2 opposing forces is made more interesting with good use of the characters. This is when Kamui is destined to align himself with the dragons of Heaven or Earth, while his closest friend Fuma, is destined to align himself to the side that Kamui rejects. Though the fate of the world being rested in the events happening in Tokyo does seem a little flawed in terms of the whole concept. Still, the story should interest the viewer to say the least.

Characters: (5.5/10) This is X's biggest flaw. The characters in the movie are simply not involving. The viewer simply would not care if a character were to die the next second. This is because very little info is given about the characters, and hardly any scenes are set to involve character development as this is very minimal in the film. Viewers familiar with the manga may not feel this since they know about them already, but ive heard from many fans of the manga that with all the content that was left omitted, the info on the characters was by far the most left out.

Animation: (8.5/10) The animation is great. The action scenes are fulfilling to watch, and fans of CLAMP's style of art should be more than satisfied with the effort that was made in this regard. In spite of it being made almost a decade ago, it is still pleasant to watch today.

Plot: (6.5/10) The plot moves at a fast pace, so it is very hard to follow the story if you havent read the manga series. The frequent nightmare sequences will make it harder to follow, since the viewer may have trouble distinguishing between actual events and dreams.
Fans of action may find the end to be unfulfulling in a sense of a climax.

Audio: (7/10) The movie really lacked music. I guess this does set a good atmostphere for an apocalyptic theme, but i found adding music to enhance this theme wouldve made it better. On the DVD, the main menu music is a perfect example of what i mean, its a brilliant 30 second score which sets the theme for the movie before you even play it. This piece of music was probably created by Madman though since it isnt in the feature. The voice acting is just above standard, as there are some flaws that may be noticed by the viewer.

Overall: (7.5/10) This movie is mainly for the fans of the manga series, or any anime fanatic. If you liked the manga then go for it. If you like CLAMP then go for it. If you like awe-inspiring supernatural spell-binding action with the occasional sword fighting set in Tokyo then go for it. If not, then this may not be for you.