~~The quit life is not so quit~~~
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will need to posted charater informtion
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So let us begin the story. The story begins in a small town were it is peace full. it was no so peacefull when he came the Zura the Dark worrior of death. And the a boy was playing the field and he saw him and the boy ran to his home and tell his father then his fathere said go and hide and i will come and get you as his father left the hous that he was standing in. and the boy ran out of the house and ran to the ocean front and he hide the cave near the water. After many hours he hear his father calling him and he walk out of the cave and saw his father hurt badly and his father said come here and take these and ran boy run please take it and run. the boy take the object and ran as fast as he can and he saw his town in flam and death. and as he saw the Dark worrior left. He walk back to see if any one was a live he look around the whole town and he found no one. then he reallies that the oject was glowing and the he open his hand and and it said hello my son. My spirit is will be with you intill you are read. intill then i will teacher you the way to fight the dark worrior and kill him and free the land.13 years have when by the boy is now 18 and he had grow over the years stronger and faster. He had to past one more test his father spirit said you must know how to control the gitf i gave you the power in the stone that is in were my spirit is. he have know how to ues the power and his father spirit was when away.