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My parents think that anime is ment only for children (from the days i wached sailor moon ^^; ) they think i should "grow up" lol but they're a lot of different genre out there, some are ment for teens some adults, you just need to show them... but when it comes to violence and stuff like that well you can turn on your tv and watch any show and find violence (which can be worse and be in real life) i try to tell my parents its an art form of life -^.^-
Lol. you just need to watch more anime with them around so they know its
not as bad as they think. But i would show them anime that is suitable .O_o. yeah they think its for kids to, but my other cousins watch some anime as well. I think some parents have trouble with accepting othercultures, especially mine..to canadian..>_>.

But it shouldn't stop ppl from watching anime though.^^