Say hello to Sailor Québec

I started a project a while ago called the National Sailors, but ended up being the only contributor.
The whole idea is that planets have their Sailor soldier, and in fanfiction, every astral body and metaphysical concept also had its Sailor, but hey, why not having a sub-planetary-sailor class, that only guards part of a planet, in other word a country?
Well countries have their national animal, flower, etc. why not a Sailor senshi? It's a way to express your pride in your country AND your Sailormoon fandom at once, wow!

Anyone who'd like to participate, I'd ask if I could post it on my website please.

The rules I'd set are:
1- Appearance, personnality, stats and any other detail should symbolicly refer to the chosen country.
2- Only make national Sailors about countries you like, even if you are critical. Hate is bad.

By example Sailor Québec above has the most common racial characteristics in her country, is dressed in the colours of her flag, has her hands restrained because her country is a colony and has a pitchfork for weapon because of the 1837 revolt that is almost the only noticeable event in its history.

I don't know if anyone would find that fun but it's an invitation!