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Thread: Soul Calibur 3 slated to release in the US this year

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    Default Soul Calibur 3 slated to release in the US this year

    Thaaaaaaaaat's right. It's been announced, and I personally could be happier. Three new characters announced thus far...Setsuka, a brunette who fights with a Penguin-esque sword-hidden-in-a-parasol, Tira, who fights with that could either be called a giant chakram or a bladed Hula hoop, and Zasalamel, a big black guy with a scythe responsible for the ressurrection of the beloved Nightmare. The game also boasts a few new game modes, and to top it all off...A CHARACTER CREATION FEATURE.

    Oh, and for all those who bought Soul Calibur II only for're outta luck. No asymmetric controller crap, as far as consoles go...this is Playstation 2 Exclusive. There's not even word on whether or not it will hit arcades. Online play is also something not yet discussed, but I'd love to see that...more so on Xbox Live than on PS2, but that won't be an option...w00t on exclusivity. Personally, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high...I'm sure this game will be delayed somewhere along the way and make me unhappy if I do.

    Oh, and for those who want to follow this:
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