Name: Alexandria (prefer Alex)
Age: 14
Eyes: Most of the time blue but color changes
Hair: Red going to be dyed black w/ rad streaks
Hight: 5' 9 er somethin' like that
Gender: Female
Weight: 130 lbs (bleh I'm fat -_-')
Fave clothes: Goth, goth, and more goth ^-^
Fave colors: Black, red, silver, and dark blue
Hobbies: Writing, singing, and listining to music. Playing vidoe games, haning with my friends, and talkin' to you guyz ^-^.
Liked music: Heavy-metal, rock, J-pop, rap, classic....just about everythin'.
Race: can't spell 'cause I don't like to so I'm white....hehe.....I'm a cracker ^-^
Status: Depends...
Other stuff: There are things about me very few people know;'s a secreat; I hate it when guyz hit on me out of no where, it bugs me so, what also bugs me I get admirers I don't know *falls to knees* Tell me who you are!!! I love to talk on the phone.

Well thats all I'll tell fer now. Want to learn more or join my family pm me ^-^ 'Till next time...
Love ya' all,
Drangons_Gurl ^-^